What Does Your Living Room Say About You?

If it’s true that our homes are our castles, then our living rooms are our great halls. In the past, the castle would have a decadently decorated hall, which said everything a visiting force needed to know about the leader who occupied this space. These days, our castles are usually semi-detached and lined up next to a good number of other castles of similar sizes, but the theory holds true. When somebody comes to visit your home, it’s your decorations that make claims on your personality, and that’s why it’s so important to get your living room saying what it should about you.

Living RoomSome things are simple, for example, your choice of paint can illustrate a great deal about your personality. Whites and cream tones on your walls hint towards the practical and no nonsense personality, one who knows that these things will ultimately need redoing and can prevent the hassle down the line. Light blues and greens signify peace and tranquillity, that your living room is a place of relaxation and sanctity from the often hectic nature of the world outside whilst bold tones like reds point towards passion and excitement, that your living room is a place for entertainment and fun. It’s not just paint on your walls that speaks to your personality either, your choice of artwork is also very important in giving off an impression of yourself. Do you have fine art? Classical? Photographs of friends and family? Whatever you’ve got up there, you can be sure it’s telling tales about you.

Your furniture, too, is a huge indicator of your personality. Bookshelves are for the studious and thoughtful, big televisions are for the entertainment lovers, large, comfy sofas are for the relaxers and mess is, well, for the messy. That’s one trait we’re all keen to avoid looking like, but sometimes it’s unavoidable with the sheer volume of things that we own. That’s why it’s of vital importance to make sure you have the storage in your living room to accommodate all the things you keep in there. These can range from the standard shelving, all the way to interesting and practical forms of storage like footstools (Some great Storage Foot stools can be found at Premier Footstools), with the ability to open up and store whatever you wish to put inside them. It’s really your choice, but remember, your living room is talking about your behind your back.

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