Top 5 Stylish Home Lighting Designs

Top 5 Stylish Home Lighting DesignsLooking for the perfect lighting idea to beautify your rooms? Go through the following piece, and get to know of the domestic lighting options that you can implement at your home.

There is a lot of scope to showcase your creative side, while determining the ideal lighting scheme for your home. A little bit of research on the web can acquaint you with several innovative and stylish household lighting ideas. The best thing about the new-age lighting solutions is that, they offer a perfect mix of sophistication and visibility. In this article, we will be discussing the 5 most popular home lighting ideas:


  • Ambient lighting design – Tired of those boring bulbs and wall-lamps? Lend your living room a mood and personality of its own, by going for the stylish ambient lighting scheme. Arrange the lights in a manner so that their glow spreads uniformly throughout the room. Organize the wires of the lights with cable ties.
  • Accent lighting design – If you have classy furniture items and unique decorative items in the drawing-room then use lighting scheme. Mark out a central point in the room ( for example, the area above the fireplace) and place the lights in that area. For making the accent lights appear even more beautiful, go for lamps with opaque shades.
  • Task lighting design – If the first two home lighting designs were all about adding to the visual charms of your rooms, this one is more functional in nature. If you read books, work on a computer, or do any other specific activity at any particular section of the house, arrange for task lighting over there. Keep the cables attached to the task lights segregated and neatly maintained with cable ties.
  • Recessed lighting design – Make your ceilings look classy and beautiful with these lights. You have to select such spots, where the bulbs/lamps can be kept concealed. A directional theme can also be used with recessed lighting, to highlight any particular section in a room. You also have the option of adjusting the brightness and glow of these lights, according to your preferences and visibility requirements.
  • Designer/Aesthetic lighting design: If you have relatively high ceilings, setting up chandeliers would be a great idea. Lamps and bulbs with long, vertical handles also find favor among homeowners all over the world. Pendant-shaped LED lights are yet another example of classy designer lighting fixtures. Apart from securing their cords and cables with cable ties, find out how much electricity these designer lights are consuming. Stay away from the lights which can really increase your electricity bills. Style with energy-efficiency is what you should be after!


You can mix and match the above lighting designs, to bring about just the desired effect to the different rooms in your home. Your choice of lights can indeed speak volumes about your rich tastes and style-sense!

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