Things to Consider When Renovating a Bathroom

If you are lucky enough to be able to renovate your home this year, you may want to consider starting with your bathroom. Your bathroom is a room unlike no other. It is your sanctuary, somewhere you can go and relax and detox from a hard day at work. It could be the room that you can go and escape your children for a brief 30 minutes.

Apart from being a room for solitude, it is also the room that has the potential to add the most value to your home. If you are planning to sell your property today, next month or next year, having a well constructed and set out bathroom can make all the difference. For a buyer, it can be a reason to buy or not to buy. Therefore, your bathroom has the potential to be quite a big deal.

There are a number of things that you should be considering if you are planning on renovating your home. Apart from the guide below, you should be thinking about which Mississauga plumbing company you will be using for the work.

What You Should Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

Grab a Feel

Today, we all shop online in one way or another. For most things, this is fine. But for your bathroom, you may want to consider making trips to a variety of different stores. As you will be living with this product for years to come, you need to know whether it will stand the test of time, as well as your taste. Seeing a product online can be misleading, you will never truly get a good feel for the product unless you see it, touch it in the flesh. You will automatically be able to tell a quality product from a substandard one.

Make Mine an En-Suite

If your current bathroom is situated next to your bedroom, you may want to consider having a doorway from the bathroom to your bedroom. Sound crazy?

Turning your bathroom into an en-suite can give you a little extra privacy, which is great if you have a young family. You may also want to consider taking some space off another room for the bathroom, especially if you have a lot of existing space within your bedrooms that are not utilised.

Shower, Bath or Both

The traditional bathroom always contained a bath. As the years rolled on, shower cubicles or overhead shower units were incorporated into the bathroom. Today, there is another choice for you to consider.

Have you thought about turning your existing bathroom into a wet room? This is a space dedicated to water. It is open plan with drainage in the floors. It opens up your bathroom into a lovely space with no boundaries.

Beige or Off-White

Your bathroom colour scheme is necessary. It is all about getting the balance right. Yes, it should reflect you and your personality; however you should never go too ‘out there’.The reason for this is that you may need or want to sell your home at a later date. Do you really think a potential buyer would be interested in a glorious pink bathroom? Sometimes, it is better to stay neutral. You can always accessorise with colours in other ways.



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