Things A Bachelor Pad Should Have

There are people who have never had their own place as they have lived with a significant other as long as they can remember. Nothing is as liberating as living by yourself for a period of time. There is nobody to answer to and you can pretty much do whatever you want. What makes a good bachelor pad? There are quite a few things but here are the staples of a bachelor pad.

At least one neon beer sign should be hanging that you acquired from a college house. Most of the home should also be sparingly decorated as many guys do not care to hang much up. If you do hang things up they should be sports related posters or movie related posters. You can get jerseys of your favorite players for cheap fromFootlocker as they have coupons available on Groupon. These coupons are updated daily so checking them before you go shopping is always wise.

There will of course have to be some kind of oversized couch as you will have friends over to watch the big game. Having company over as a bachelor changes as you age but friends watching sporting events together is something that happens throughout lifetimes. This couch will get a lot of usage especially if you are avid sports fans.

Having a poker table is always a plus as guy’s nights generally include cards at some point. Other types of games like slot machines can be fun when you have over company. Having a bar is a big plus and having beer on tap is even better. This gives the home a sports bar feel which guys tend to think of fondly.

At some point in your life you might have lived your last day in a home with just yourself. The freedom might be missed but other freedoms are opened up when you are in a relationship. Decorate your bachelor pad as you want it because you aren’t sure how long it is going to last. For those of you lucky enough to have lived the bachelor life even for a little know it can be fun so live it up!

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