The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Futuristic Bathroom

When designing a bathroom, you will have the result in mind from the beginning. It is important that you visualize how you want the room to look before you do anything at all. Doing so will mean that you can choose each piece in your bathroom to match the general decor idea. That means that nothing will look out of place in the room. You should have a clear idea of what you are doing before you begin to redecorate the bathroom. One of the most-popular designs at the moment is the chic, futuristic style bathroom. The style is perfect for modern homes, and you can create it with little trouble in your house. Here is the ultimate guide to creating a futuristic bathroom.


Minimal wall decoration


First thing’s first, you need to make sure that the decor of the room is minimal. If, in the past, you have had a lot of decoration in your bathroom, it is time to strip all that back. You want bare, clean white walls. You can create this effect by painting your walls white or by tiling the entire bathroom with white walls. Doing so will mean that you have a clean canvas to work with inside the room. One trend, which was popular back in the 1970’s, was to over-decorate bathrooms. Many bathrooms had floral wallpaper and colorful tiles during this era. That didn’t look good then, and it won’t look good now. Instead, opt for simple white colored walls with minimal decoration.


Futuristic showers and baths


Your shower and bath are the centerpieces of your room. Rather than buying pieces that are functional and nothing more, opt for pieces that are functional and stylish. You should feature the pieces in your bathroom so that they stand-out as forms of art, rather than basic facilities. Consider a piece such as the SB-1000 Futuristic Shower Bath, which is contemporary and stunning. A piece like that makes a perfect focal point for the room.


Electronic gadgets


You can’t create a futuristic bathroom without gadgets. Choose some cool electronic gadgets, such as a toilet lid that shuts itself. Think big. You might want a stereo system built into the wall, with a digital interface. Whatever it is, it is worth splashing out on an advanced piece of technology that will complete the look of the bathroom. It is vital that you make sure that any electronics are safe in the area. Your bathroom is a wet room and, as such, the gadgets will need to be waterproof. Many modern gadgets are waterproof now, but it is worth talking to a sales rep before you buy anything.


Contemporary wall art


As I mentioned before, you want to keep things minimal. You already have your plain white walls, and so now it is time to think about art. Don’t clutter up your wall space with loads of small art pieces. Instead, choose one large statement piece to fill up much of the wall space. Look for modern art prints online and choose a piece that will take up around a third of the wall space.


Simplistic features


As with everything, it is the small details that will make all the difference to your bathroom. Make sure that things such as taps, handles and plugs are minimal. The last thing you want is a piece that looks out of place in your bathroom. Take the time to choose sleek taps without large handles and invisible plugs. Doing so will mean that even the tiny details in your bathroom match your vision. That means that the room will look like a professional designer made it, as designers never miss small details.


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