Six Warning Signs That You Need An Exterminator

No one wants their home to become infected with creepy crawlies. There is nothing worse than unwanted bugs making a nest in your nice, clean kitchen. For one thing, you cannot shake the thought that your house is dirty, like everything you touch and taste has been compromised. But, more importantly, it is a hazard to your health and your family’s health. To avoid any unwelcome critters and any risk to your health, look out for these warning signs.

Bugs Popping Up In The Daytime

It is okay to see the odd spider or fly buzzing around your home, but some bugs are bad news. Cockroaches and ants in particularly are a warning sign that more of their family have nested in your property and were there to stay. Obviously, if you see quite a few crowded around then you have a problem, but even one isn’t as auspicious as it seems at first. Also, spotting a cockroach during the day isn’t a good sign because they are nocturnal animals.

Scratching or Whining Noises

It is almost definitely not a ghost haunting your home. That leaves two options: either it is an infestation of pests or the pipes make funny sounds. You know your house well enough to tell the difference. But, a scratching or whining sound is incredibly distinctive. Mice and rodents love wall cavities, and they can cause a big problem if you leave them to their own devices as they breed rapidly. Call an exterminator straight away.

You Find Droppings Around The House

It is an unmistakable sign that you have a problem. Rodents and bugs do not follow the same etiquette as humans do, so they will gladly leave their excrement on the floor for all to see. If you do find droppings, call a company like Eco Concepts Termite & Pest Control straight away because that is a problem that needs fixing immediately. If you don’t act, your whole house will soon be unlivable, and it will escalate into a far bigger problem.

You Smell Something Weird

Odours can vary in strength, but if you do smell something odd in your home, there is a possibility that is because of pests infesting your home. A foul stench that is impossible to remove is almost certainly a dead animal somewhere in your home, especially if it has just popped up out the blue. However, the smell of cockroaches and general pests is a lot mustier. Whatever the smell, call a professional to check it out for you just in case.

Marks On Your Bodies

Unfortunately, some pests feed off you. Bed bugs are the prime example, and they leave an unmistakable calling card. If you have pests like bedbugs, your body will be covered in red marks that have turned up overnight.

Your Home Isn’t Sealed

Sometimes they aren’t even signs that any pests have invaded your space. But, if you home isn’t completely sealed there is a good possibility that pests can enter your property. Their bodies can fit through the tiniest of holes and openings.

If you spot any of these warning signs, hire a professional as soon as possible.


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