Sick of Your Home’s Flat Design? Here’s How to Make it POP!

If you take pride in your home, then I would guess you’d like to make it pop with a fantastic design. Way too many houses have a design that looks OK, but it simply doesn’t pop. Flat design might be all the rage online, but it certainly isn’t in the home. These tips will help you to make your home pop in more ways than you can imagine:



Paint the Front Door


By painting your front door, you’ll make your house stand out from the rest. You have your choice of colours, so why not go for an eye catching red? You could even paint it pink, or bright yellow to make it stand out! It’s totally your choice.


Paint the Outside of the Whole House


If you want to go one step further than painting the front door, why not paint the outside of the whole house? Passers by won’t be able to get enough of your funky looking house, and you may even become famous in your area. You could even use contrasting colours on the walls and window borders for a unique look.


Add Plants and Flowers


Add plants and flowers both inside and outside to make your home pop. You can never have enough life in and around the home, right? You can find lots of tutorials online on caring for your flowers, so don’t worry if you’re not accustomed to gardening. Many of them are low maintenance too. To make outside pop, consider artwork for the garden.


Use Many Textures


Textures always make the house pop. Use as many textures as you can get your hands on; leather, wood, fur, and more. It always gives the home a luxurious look that stands out against the rest.


Use Contrasting Colours


Contrasting colours look much more interesting than colours that match. Your visitors may get a headache, but who cares about them?!


Utilise Patterns


Use patterns in your decor to make it even more fun and exciting. You can do this using wallpaper, paint, and even accessories. An antique Persian Afshar has a unique pattern that can add interest to the home.


Get Excited About Feature Walls


The house isn’t a home without a feature wall. The feature wall draws a person’s eye first, and helps to make a room look professionally finished. Anybody can create a feature wall, especially with the amount of resources you can find online these days. Take inspiration from online to create your own exciting feature wall.


Don’t Be Afraid to Mix It Up


Mix everything up; colours, accessories, furniture, the lot. Matching furniture doesn’t always look best! Try mixing different colours and styles for a unique look that you won’t see anywhere else. Matching is boring!


Even if you just use a couple of these tips, there’s no way your home will still look flat. You’ll impress your guests with your innovative designs – they may even ask you for tips! Thank us later. Leave a comment with your thoughts!


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