Should I Get an Indoor or Outdoor Flag?

American flags wave proudly throughout the United States. You’ve may even have been thinking about getting one yourself. However, what you thought was going to be an easy purchase, leaves you scratching your head. You don’t have a large yard, so maybe a smaller version inside would do. But, if you do decide to get one for outside, does it matter what the flag is made of?

It does matter what American flags are made of when they are flying outside. Inside flags aren’t so discriminatory. Centuries ago, cotton and wool were the materials of choice. Now with modern technology we can include nylon, polyester and cotton polyester blends.

Not all materials are created equal when it comes to battling the sun and the wind. The most popular material for outside flags is nylon. They stand up well to the bright, glaring sun. Colors stay true and radiant on the American flags made with nylon. Because the sun is so brutal, nylon has an edge where it is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. The best part about nylon is that it is light weight and the slightest breeze can wave the flag.

Polyester is the longest wearing material for an outside flag. They hold up great in heavy winds. Because of their longevity and durability, large flags made out of polyester can be left outside for extended periods of time. The material is a bit heavier, but they wave beautifully when a strong wind is blowing. The colors are also fade resistant.

A material that does not fare well on the outside is cotton. American flags made with cotton give off the authentic look of the flags our ancestors enjoyed – but only as long as they last. These flags look great displayed inside, however. You may choose to hang them on a stand up pole, or perhaps folded neatly in a display case. Cotton flags can be used outside for certain ceremonies, but certainly shouldn’t be used as an everyday outside one. They are more prone to sun and wind damage. Their colors will fade and eventually the flag will look worn and tattered and then need replacing.

The ultimate deciding factor of choosing a flag for the inside or the outside is the amount of space you have dedicated for it. If you do not have a place for a regular flag pole, then perhaps a pole you can attach to your home or porch will be fine. Whatever flag you hang from that pole should be a material that will withstand the outside environment.

Looking at the inside of your home needs the same consideration as the outside. Where are you going to put it? The best thing about keeping a flag inside is that any material will do. As you won’t have strong winds, rain or snow inside your home, the only outside element will be the sun peeking through a window. For your inside American flag, it comes down to what you like and what you think looks best.

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