Remodelling Your Front Garden? Read These Awesome Ideas First

During the winter months, many people neglect their gardens. If the front of your home looks tatty, it means that you have fallen out of love with it. You need to bring some life back to your garden. By paying your yard some much-needed attention right now, you can save yourself time and money later. Don’t wait to get to work, get started today.


Use modern lighting devices


Every garden needs light, and yours is no different. There are many modern devices that you might want to choose. Steer well clear of flood lighting as it can look sterile and dull. Instead, choose some fixtures that look like lamp posts for a super cool effect. You can get unique lights at any DIY or garden store. Make sure that you have an electrician check your wiring so that you don’t cause a fire.


Create a winding pathway


A winding path adds a romantic feel to any garden. You can hire concrete specialists online at sites like randmconcrete.com to install your path. Design a walkway that curves and bends. That way, you can use flowers around the edge of the path so that it feels as though you are walking through an enchanted garden. Adding this unique feature to your garden will make a world of difference in how it looks.


Use water where you can


Many people have water features in their back garden, but what about putting one in the front yard? You will need to ensure that you have enough room to install a water feature without it being a problem for you. You could have a small fountain in the middle of your garden so that it creates a feature. Alternately, you might want to consider getting a pond for your garden. Guests will love coming to see your fish when they visit you.


Paint the exterior of your home


It is no good redesigning your garden if your house looks like an eyesore. If the exterior walls of your home look dirty and old, there is a simple solution to that problem. All you need to do is get some weather-proof paint and cover them up. Ensure that you clean the walls before you get to work so that you have a smooth surface to paint. Choose a high-gloss paint so that your home looks contemporary and new. When you have beautiful outside walls, you can get to work on your garden.


Trim back overgrown plants


If the bushes in your yard are wild, you need to cut them as soon as you can. Sure, it is no fun tending to your garden when it’s cold outside. If you don’t deal with the issue now, though, you will find that you have loads of trouble later. Avoid doing tacky bush shapes as they can look cheap. Instead, just trim the leaves back so that the bushes look neat. You will have to tend to your bushes around once every three weeks so that they don’t grow out of control.


Find a focal point


Every garden needs a focal point. You may never have thought of this option, but your front door can be the focal point in your garden. If you make the doorway look inviting and exciting, it will draw people’s eye as they walk up the pathway. That is just what you want. Ensure that you have a welcome mat and an attractive door number so that the area looks great. You might also want to consider painting the door itself so that it stands out and looks different against the backdrop of your home.




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