How To Keep Your Home Healthy

You may not have noticed, but there are all kinds of hazards and dangers in your house. They could be hazardous to your physical well being or your entire health. If you’ve got children, you’re all too aware of tripping over toys and electronics! However, the health problems in the home go much deeper than that. Our houses are breeding grounds for bacteria, mould and and chemicals.


These problems seem harmless at first, but can cause serious problems. Mould, for example, can lead to asthma and other respiratory problems. Bacteria spreads fast around the home if not kept at bay. They are the root cause of many illnesses, especially in children. There are plenty of things you can do at home to keep your house healthy. Reduce the spread of dangers and keep your family safe.


Wash your hands regularly – It’s a simple thing, but so important. Instil this habit in your children and everyone living in the home. It only takes a second, but make sure you are washing your hands before and after preparing food. Always wash your hands before leaving the bathroom or if you’ve been handling things in the garden. This is key to containing the spread of germs. They pass on quickly and cause illnesses.


Remove electronic clutter. – With the sheer number of games, tablets and entertainment devices, our homes are a labyrinth of wires! Tripping can be dangerous and cause trouble to the entire electric system. Make sure that all electronic devices and wires have a home that they permanently live in. Only use extension cables temporarily and put them back after use.


Reduce mould and other problems – Mould is a difficult beast to tame. It grows under our windows and behind beds. It cleans off, but then comes back even stronger. The trick is to eliminate it at the source. Only good ventilation will sort this out. Don’t allow condensation to take hold. Keep windows open and allow a good flow of air. Try to avoid drying clothes inside the house too. Asbestos is still a problem in many homes and is very dangerous. Look into asbestos removal in Perth if you think you suffer from this problem.


Use dust clothes and avoid chemicals where possible. – This one isn’t quite so obvious, but makes a big difference. It’s a trick we learned from good housekeepers. The chemicals within cleaning products can actually be quite harmful themselves. Especially when used in heavy doses. Try to avoid the amount of bleach and detergent in the house. Use dust clothes and microfibres to pick up most of the offending dirt. You’ll be surprised how powerful they are. Only turn to chemicals when you have to.


It needn’t be a lot of trouble to keep your home healthy and free from hazards. It’s all about the small, regular, simple tricks that you can do everyday. Don’t give the health problems time to spread or catch on. Eliminate them at the source and keep them at bay with regular attention. Keep your family and your home healthy.

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