How To Get Back On Track After Your Home Renovation

If you are about to be faced with a big decorating job, you may be relishing the excitement of a new challenge. Alternatively, you may be worrying about how to even start the job! When we have our homes remodeled, we are often left to do the decorating. It gives us a chance to take back ownership of the room once the builders have left and put our own stamp on it. If you feel like the job may be a bit too big for you, then you are not alone. Most of us at one time or another have looked with horror at a freshly plastered wall and wondered what on earth to do next!


Sometimes you have had tradespeople in because you have been the victim of storm damage. This can make any decorating job feel even more overwhelming because of the emotional impact of it. Trying to salvage what is left of your home and possessions if you have suffered a flood can be very difficult emotionally. As the work was unplanned, trying to find the time and energy to get it done can be just as challenging. You may need to check out a website like www.waterdamageminneapolis.net to see if anyone can assist you in repairs and restoration.


If your renovation is planned and very much wanted, you may be in a very good mood about decorating! Even if you have never done it before, there are plenty of articles full of guidance and advice to help you tackle the project. One of the first things to do though is wait! Let the plaster dry completely before starting to prepare for decorating. It will likely crack in the corner when it is ready, but that is common. You may use this time to buy some tester pots of paint. Don’t test them directly on your wall, as they will show through as an extra layer when you come to paint in your chosen color. Instead, paint on some card and hold the card up to the wall to see how the color will look in situ.


Do all your painting and wallpapering before you have the flooring fitted. This will prevent your lovely new carpet or hardwood getting paint splatter on it! Pick up a pack of baby wipes if you are painting. These can be very good at removing little, unwanted splash marks off the door handles, plastic window frames and radiators. They’re not too bad at keeping your hands clean either! Use plenty of coverings to avoid paint getting places you don’t want it to be, and do take the time to use decorators tape for small straight edges. The finish is worth the extra hassle.


Getting your life back once decorating is done can be the best part of renovating for some people. Changing the layout of your house is a big job and can be very disruptive. Once it is finished and you can start enjoying the finished rooms, you will soon forget about all the stress, worry and work you had to go through to get it.




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