Gas Cookers vs Electric : Explained

With the price of fuel rising by the month whether to update your appliances and choose between a gas or electric cooker is a big consideration. The benefits of each have been long debated by chefs, restaurateurs and the appliance developers themselves. Here, we help you weigh up the options to make sure your cash is well spent.


Gas cookers have the benefit of being hot instantly rather than waiting for an electric hob to heat, which is great when you need to prepare food quickly. The heat is also more even spread although is rumored to waste quite a lot of the heat they create, making the kitchen environment very warm, which is you live in a hot country is less than ideal. The hobs heat alters more easily as you don’t have to wait for an electric ring to cool down but can tweak the flame at the turn of a knob. It has also been proven that gas cookers dry out the food less than electric ovens, but this can often mean foods take slightly longer to cook. Most importantly, the cheaper of the two gas is estimated to cost roughly 6p per kilowatt-hour.


 Electric ovens maintain heat very well and leak very little, unlike its gas counterpart. They also commonly have multi function ovens containing grills and fan assisted settings enabling you to change the cooking conditions. There is a risk with an electric oven that if you live in a remote area, or one where the electricity regularly cuts out then would it be ideal to be left without the main cooking appliance? Although more expensive per hour at 12p it is in fact cheaper to buy an electric oven than a gas one, which is another consideration when choosing your replacement cooker.


 The Alternative

 The alternative, however, is to have the best of both worlds which is becoming increasingly popular in modern family homes. It is now acceptable to mix and match your gas and electricity preferences into one appliance. This is the idea with range cookers but can also be done in single oven and hob units. If you prefer a gas cooker due to the simplicity of altering the heat whereas a electric oven, which are said to be better for baking then just ask at your local electrical home ware store.

Hopefully this has shed some light on the pro’s and con’s of both energy supplies and helps make the choice a little easier. As described, though, it doesn’t have to be a choice you can mix and match you wish list to make culinary tasks a dream!


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