Everything You Need To Know About Applying A Modern Bathroom Design

The moment you walk into an upmarket hotel, you go straight to the bathroom to see what facilities are on offer. If you’ve booked an expensive room, you might be lucky enough to find a Jacuzzi and sometimes even a tub big enough for two. Modern bathroom designs can vary a lot, but they all have one thing in common. They are sleek, simple and always sparkling. If you want to replicate some of the aesthetics of hotel bathrooms in your home, you’ve come to the right place. On this page, you’ll find lots of cool tips that are guaranteed to improve the way your bathing space looks and feels. Just be warned that some of the improvements we’re going to suggest could cost a lot of money. So, maybe it’s time to think seriously about taking that loan the bank has offered?



Lay high-end floor tiles


Believe it or not, some people still have carpet in their bathroom. Others have a laminate solution that tends to warp with temperature changes. You want to avoid all that and purchase some high-end floor tiles. Not only do they look fantastic, but they also retain heat very well. If the temperature of your room is an issue, you could even install some underfloor heating. It’s not as expensive as it once was, and you can buy DIY kits that show you how to lay it without assistance. Underfloor heating is essential if you want to create a futuristic feel.


Get a stylish new vanity unit


You might think that you need a lot of space to include a vanity unit in your modern bathroom design. However, that simply isn’t the case. There are lots of products available in all shapes and sizes to suit the amount of space you have. You only have to look online to find companies that provide excellent unique double vanities if you’re going for the “his and hers” aesthetic. Most products will come flat packed, but that shouldn’t be a problem. All you have to do is read the instructions carefully before attempting to build them.


Purchase a Jacuzzi


Fancy swapping your bathtub for a Jacuzzi? We bet you do! The only problem with that idea is that you’re going to require a lot of space. Even so; you could make your bathroom far more appealing if you decided to make this alteration. Of course, you might have a bit of trouble getting your partner out of the tub, but that just means you’ll have more time to watch the documentary channels. You should expect to pay anywhere in the region of $5000 upwards for a top quality product. However, they are worth the money.


The only other things you’ll need to think about are lighting and storage. You can get some great hidden cupboards for your bathroom if you don’t want everything on display, and installing spotlights can help to make the room brighter.


However you decide to progress with creating a modern bathroom, we hope you are happy with the fruits of your labor.


Catch you later!


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