Contemporary Interior Design: How to Create a Chic, Modern Home

There’s never been a better time to get stuck into interior design projects. It’s now easier than ever before to access all the materials you need to revamp your property. By heading online, you can take your pick from a host of fantastic products and materials, and there is plenty of advice and information available on the web too.


It should come as no surprise then that Americans are spending big on property revamp projects. According to permit-tracking company BuildFax, domestic remodelling jobs are on the rise in the US. Figures produced by the firm suggest that residential remodels authorized by building permits were 17 percent higher in July this year than in the same month in 2013.


If you want to create a stunning contemporary property, take a look at the following interior design tips.


Be brave when selecting materials


One of the great things about designing a modern home is the fact that you have plenty of choice when it comes to materials. As well as traditional options such as timber and stone, you can use materials like steel, glass and high-end plastics.


By being brave and thinking outside the box, you can achieve dramatic results. A great example of a bold style statement is a curved staircase made using steel and glass.


Be bold but balanced with color


Good old magnolia has its place in some properties, but if you want to create a striking interior, you’ll need to turn to brighter hues. The key to getting color right in contemporary spaces is to be bold but balanced with your colors. For example, monochrome designs can look fantastic. Meanwhile, feature walls are impressive and you can echo the colors you use with details such as artwork and soft furnishings.


Less is more


In the world of contemporary interior design, less is more. This means that you should strive to minimize any clutter. To help you achieve this, it’s important to invest in savvy storage solutions.


As well as buying suitable closets, shelving, drawers and so on, take the opportunity to clear out any items that you don’t need. Gathering up unused possessions and giving them to friends, family or charity stores can be a liberating feeling, and it will free up more of your interior space.


Luckily, it’s easy to purchase an array of items via the internet. Whether you’re after cheap furniture in Darwin or anything else, you won’t struggle to find it.


Create a sense of drama with lighting


All too often, lighting is seen as a purely practical addition to homes. Of course, we need illuminations in order to see. However, these products can also be used to impressive artistic effect. By getting creative and layering your lighting, you can dramatically enhance the overall look of your home. There are many products to choose from, including spotlights, uplights, recessed lights, lamps, picture lights and more.


By bearing top tips like these in mind, you should succeed in creating a contemporary interior space with that all-important wow factor.


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