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How Do I Storm Proof My Fencing?

This winter has been one of the mildest on record. It's seen a succession of storms land on the UK’s west coast. In Wales, flooding has been widespread, with the country experiencing more than twice the average rainfall for December – though, for a variety of reasons, Wales did not experience the same level of destruction as, say, Cumbria. High winds and heavy rainfall are nevertheless expected to hit once again - alongside one or two spells of genuinely wintry temperatures. Welsh homeowners Read more [...]

How To Turn Dead Space Into An Urban Garden

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden. Some of us don’t live in the suburbs with wide open spaces. Some of us live in cities in apartment blocks where there is hardly enough space for people, let alone a garden. So, you should just call it a day and say you are not meant to have a garden, right? Wrong. Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy some of the most basic pleasures of life. So, you see that bit of spare land next or the roof on your building? Read more [...]

Got A Big Garden? Super Ideas To Make The Most Of That Space

If you are lucky enough to have a house that sits on a good size plot, you may be wondering what you could do to make the most of all that extra land. It often depends on your interests and those of your family. If you live in a detached house and you are not overlooked by your neighbors, then only your budget can hold you back from doing whatever you like. Here are four great ideas to mull over for your garden project of the year:   Swimming pool - For some, this may seem extravagant. Read more [...]

9 Ideas That Would Instantly Improve Your Garden

If you neglect your back garden, it can quickly start looking a bit ragged and tired. Gardens need constant attention and care if they’re to look as good as they can do. You have to try to find the right balance between design, intervention and letting nature takes its course.   So, if your garden has seen better days, but you’re not sure how to improve things, here are 9 ideas for you to try out.   1. A Water Feature   A great looking water feature can add an Read more [...]

4 Super Simple Ways to Get Your Urban Garden Going

Your garden needs some love. But, if you have an urban garden, it’s vital that you get this going in the best way. After all, urban gardens can take some time to develop. But, when they do come in, they look fabulous. For small gardens, it’s imperative that you make the most of your space. After all, you don’t have to have a large imposing garden to make the most of what you have. On the contrary, there are some super simple ways that you can make your garden grow.   Tiny Garden Read more [...]

Remodelling Your Front Garden? Read These Awesome Ideas First

During the winter months, many people neglect their gardens. If the front of your home looks tatty, it means that you have fallen out of love with it. You need to bring some life back to your garden. By paying your yard some much-needed attention right now, you can save yourself time and money later. Don't wait to get to work, get started today.   Use modern lighting devices   Every garden needs light, and yours is no different. There are many modern devices that you might Read more [...]

Alfresco Dining Design: Things To Consider

Slowly but surely the days are getting longer, and the weather is beginning to warm and brighten up. The spring and summer months provide plenty of opportunity for barbecues, parties and picnics in the garden. Whether you are designing from scratch or planning a renovation, here are some pointers that will help you create the perfect alfresco dining area in your garden. Furniture   The first thing to consider is what type of garden furniture will be the central focus of your outdoor Read more [...]

Garden Design Suggestions For People Who Want A Low Maintenance Outdoor Space

Making improvements to your garden is a good idea if you want it to look fantastic during the summer. However, most people simply don’t have enough time on their hands to deal with constant maintenance. For that reason, it’s wise to think long and hard about your approach. The changes you make to your outdoor space can require as much or as little work as you decide. There is no point in spending thousands, but there are many things you could do to ensure that you don’t have to work outside Read more [...]

6 Simple Tips To Make Your Front Yard Look Incredible

Most people tend to focus on their back yard and ignore their front yard. The thing is that your front yard is the first thing people see when they come to your home. If you have a shabby looking garden, people will assume that your house is shabby too. That means that you need to ensure that your front yard is as impressive as your home interior. Here are some simple tips that will help you do just that.   1. Use flowers as a feature   A front yard full of flowers might sound Read more [...]

Turn Your Garden into a Functional Space with These Creative Ideas

Being lucky enough to own a yard or garden is a wonderful thing, but many people feel that they don't use theirs to their full potential. Sometimes it's nice to have a flowery garden that you can stand and look at, but when you have all that space, you can feel that you need to put it to some higher purpose. You especially want to have a functional outdoor space when the weather is great, and you get the urge to force the whole family outside. If you feel like your garden isn't living up to its full Read more [...]