Bedroom Revamp: 4 Great Ways To Refresh Your Look

It’s so easy as home owners to overlook your interior schemes in favour of the necessary jobs. Fixing that porch light, patching up the roof or repainting the window frames all take up the weekend and leave no time for rejuvenating your interiors. Here’re our top four hot tips to make a change in your bedroom without spending three weekends in a row stripping, prepping, painting and shopping.


  1. A Change of Colours


Changing the colour story in your room needn’t involve large jobs like repainting whole walls. Give your room a new look by incorporating large, colourful accents that work with the existing tones of the room. A new rug, for example, can breathe a fresh lease of life into an old space. Pick accents and wall art in the new hue and arrange them around the room. A couple of carefully designed vignettes on your bedside table or dresser will give a glossy, magazine look that can completely transform the feel of your space.


  1. Mix It Up


Keeping interior schemes interesting is all about contrasts. Including contrasting styles, textures and colours in your room encourages the eye to move and makes the whole room feel well designed and complete. If your scheme is already quite neutral and formal, soften it with sumptuous wool throws and accents in a vibrant hue. If your look is quite eclectic, think about including a neutral rug as an anchor, this offers the eye an alternative to patterns and colours.


  1. Think Multifunctional


Have you got any space in your bedroom to add another function to it? Including a seating area or creating a cosy reading nook completely changes the energy of a space and goes a long way towards reinvigorating it. If you are pushed for space, arrange a wingback armchair in a corner on top of a fluffy rug. A floor lamp beside it or side table encourage you to take time to sit and read somewhere other than the bed. If you’re looking to inject a bit more colour or you’re not sure how to include a contrast, this could be just the answer. Create a bean bag comparison by arranging different styles or colours on top of a circular rug to draw focus and add a seating area to the room.


  1. Dress to Impress


You’d be surprised how big a difference relatively small changes can make. Investing in new bedsheets, for instance, can completely reinvigorate the look of your room. Choose a colour that complements your existing scheme or a neutral tone for bedding. Dress this with an array of scatter cushions in different sizes, hues and textures. A throw or runner across the end of the bed that’s the same colour as the walls will tie the look together. Alternatively, you could opt for a more designer look with contrasting textures. A plush sheepskin rug across the bed will really add wow factor.

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