4 Big Warning Signs Something Is Wrong In Your Bathroom

Things can go wrong. When it comes to bathrooms, you’re dealing with quite a lot of things that can go wrong. From top to bottom you’re looking at some potential repair headaches. The key to avoiding the worst of these is getting things right and noticing when the problems are just starting. Here are a few big warnings you should be looking out for.

Wet Floor

Whether you’ve got carpet or tiles, you know when the floor is wet. Now it’s not beyond belief that someone was washing their hair in the sink and spilled a little. That said, what if you live alone? What if nobody in your house washes their hair like that?

You could be looking at the telltale sign of a leak. It could be coming from any water source in the room. That means the sink, the toilet, and the bath or shower. Try and trace the water to its source, and then immediately turn the water off. Damp soaking through the floor can play havoc with the ceiling below it.

No Hot Water

If you turn on the taps and don’t get any hot water, it could mean one of two things. One, that the hot water has been used up already. Two, the heater is broken.

Being without hot water for a length of time is a big problem for some people. If your heater is broken, you need emergency hot water replacement as soon as possible. Luckily you can get a new heater fitted very rapidly if you go to the right people.

How can you tell if your heater is on its way out? Try listening to it when you switch the heating on in the morning. A bit of noise is normal, but you should know how that sounds by now. If anything sounds off or different, it could indicate imminent failure.

Flickering Lights

Not only are flickering lights spooky, but they could also indicate an electrical fault. If a light is flickering, it means the power from the bulb is not constantly reaching it. This could mean a connecting wire somewhere is loose and not making a full connection. This can be common after a renovation, as some wires may end up displaced.

On its own, that can be dangerous. If the wires are exposed through damage, they won’t have any insulation covering. The wires could spark as a result. The first risk is fire. The spark can ignite, and it’ll have plenty of materials to use as fuel if it’s based in the ceiling or the wall. The second risk is electrifying the water in the bathroom.

A flickering light is no joke.

Water Not Draining

Water not draining from the shower, bathtub, or sink can be pretty normal. In bath and showers especially, hair can get clogged in the drain and may need retrieval from time to time. If you don’t see any hair, you could have another problem.

Oils and grease can cause this. It’s more common with kitchen sinks because of washing utensils and plates, but it can happen in the bathroom too. It’s best to use a drain cleaner early on when you notice a problem. Grease will just continue to build until it’s so stubborn not even a drain cleaner can make it soluble. Catch it early.

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