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Green Housekeeping: 6 Tips For Running An Eco-Friendly Home

Running an eco-friendly home benefits the environment as well as the homeowner. In making energy efficient decisions around the house, you will be doing your bit to preserve the environment for present and future generations. As far as the homeowner is concerned, energy saving methods at home are usually the most thrifty option. For example, reducing energy consumption and reusing household items are both green and frugal practices. So, if you want to help the environment and save money, here are Read more [...]

Foolproof Tips For Teen Bedroom Decor

Teenagers are notoriously hard to please. They all go through a stage in their lives where everything seems like too much trouble. You’ll struggle to get them to help with chores and they probably won’t wake up until midday on weekends! As an added incentive to encourage your teenager to keep their room clean, why not give it a makeover with a few foolproof tips? There are a few simple and effective ways to create a bedroom to make your teenagers personality. You can find them outlined Read more [...]

What To Consider When Hiring A Housekeeper

Whether you are a young couple working long hours or a large family who need support, hiring a housekeeper can make a really positive change to your home. They will be an integral member of your household so make sure you invest some time and pick the perfect person for the job. Work Load   Consider realistically how much work you will need your housekeeper to take on. Will they be responsible for childcare and cooking or just cleaning the house? Will they be cleaning clothes and running Read more [...]

Ultimate Guide To Getting More Natural Light Into Your Home

If you are feeling a bit blue this winter, it may be due to there being less light at this time of year. If your home lacks lots of natural light, this may exacerbate the problem. It is always good to get outside during our natural daylight hours, but in some places in winter, this just isn’t possible in the week.   There are a few ways you could bring extra light into your home to enjoy while you are there. Using natural light is environmentally friendly and can save you a fortune on Read more [...]

Bedroom Revamp: 4 Great Ways To Refresh Your Look

It’s so easy as home owners to overlook your interior schemes in favour of the necessary jobs. Fixing that porch light, patching up the roof or repainting the window frames all take up the weekend and leave no time for rejuvenating your interiors. Here’re our top four hot tips to make a change in your bedroom without spending three weekends in a row stripping, prepping, painting and shopping.   A Change of Colours   Changing the colour story in your room needn’t involve Read more [...]

Handy Tips To Keep Your Home Maintenance Cost Down

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on DIY, then we’re here to help. Let’s face it, no one wants to spend a fortune on DIY or house maintenance. We all have a little savings fund in case anything goes wrong. But, we’d much rather spend it on a holiday or a new car! Avoiding big problems can be easily achieved. You just need to take care of the small things around the house.   When something needs to be replaced, look for an option to reuse something Read more [...]

Hot Tips to Maximize the Natural Light in Your Home

One of the worst things that can happen when you buy a new home is realizing that it doesn't get much natural light. You might have viewed it at times where the light was at its best or in the evening when you couldn't assess the level of light at all. And now you have a home that seems like a dark cave, unless you have all your electric lights on all day. You certainly don't want to run up a huge electricity bill having the lights turned on all the time, and it's not as good as natural light anyway. Read more [...]

Sneak Preview! Spring Ideas For Your Living Room

As we are entering the holiday season, we are probably all busy decorating our homes and thinking about big parties and entertaining family. The smell of cinnamon and berries wafts through the house and fairy lights are twinkling in every room. A wreath on the door reminds us it is winter but Spring isn’t too far away.   If you are thinking of rejuvenating your home in the New Year, you are probably filling your wish list with items for your decor. Something about the festive period Read more [...]

Fantastic Tips For Designing Your Kitchen

A kitchen is so much more than just a place to cook and eat; it is the hub of the home. The kitchen is the most important room in the house; it is where all the fun happens. From hosting dinner parties to eating a family breakfast on a Sunday morning, the kitchen is the center of the household.   Whether you have just moved in, fancy giving your kitchen a revamp or just want to modernize the space, make sure to take note of how you use your kitchen. There is no point designing an ultra Read more [...]

The Pros And Cons Of Replacing Your Home’s Carpets With Cement Tiles

For most people, carpet is the flooring of choice to complement the style and decor of each room in their homes. You can buy carpets in a wide range of styles, colors, and thickness levels.   Today I’m going to suggest you do something a little different with your home! Instead of buying carpets when you’re redecorating, fit some cement tiles instead! OK, this might sound like a wacky idea to you. But cement tiles work well in any home, regardless of how you have styled the interior!   Of Read more [...]