What To Consider When Hiring A Housekeeper

Whether you are a young couple working long hours or a large family who need support, hiring a housekeeper can make a really positive change to your home. They will be an integral member of your household so make sure you invest some time and pick the perfect person for the job.

Work Load


Consider realistically how much work you will need your housekeeper to take on. Will they be responsible for childcare and cooking or just cleaning the house? Will they be cleaning clothes and running errands?


If you need someone to help look after the kids, pick them up from school and feed them as well, chances are you will be employing someone full time. This comes with its own set of challenges, particularly if you are trusting this person with your children. Like any employer, if you want the best you will need to offer an attractive package. Benefits such as a free travel card or accommodation will make your job an attractive prospect.


If you have a smaller home or would still like to manage some aspects of the cleaning or cooking yourself, consider employing someone on a part-time basis. Think about the sorts of roles they will be carrying out for you when you meet candidates. There is no point employing someone who dislikes dogs if they are going to need to walk Fido occasionally. Make sure candidates are aware of the sort of tasks that will be expected of them and be realistic about how long each will take them if you are only employing them a few days a week.





As with all industries, professionals with more experience will command a better price. This means that the level of experience you can reasonably expect from your new housekeeper will be dependent on your budget. So be realistic in your expectations. Make sure you only employ professionals with references, remember you are trusting them with your home. If you do opt for someone younger, or new to the industry, make sure you employ them through a reputable agency so you know you can trust them. Try SupaCare for a housekeeper in London.


Live-In vs. Live-Out


Whether your housekeeper will live-in or live elsewhere and commute to work is reliant on a number of variables. Make sure you know which option is your preference before meeting candidates and don’t feel pressured into a situation you are not comfortable with.


If you need your housekeeper to look after the children or you are expecting them to work late or start early, having them in the house makes life a lot easier for you. You are not likely to have to take the children to school at late notice because the housekeeper is stuck in traffic. Alternatively, you might not like the idea of sharing your home with an employee. If they will be living in the house and sharing rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom, it could potentially become awkward. Of course, if you want someone to be an integral part of your family, then this isn’t a concern.


With so many things to consider when employing a housekeeper, it is important to do your research and know exactly what you want and what you can offer. That way, when the perfect person walks through the door, you are in a position to snap them up on terms that work well for you and your family.



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