Want a perfectly vintage home? Here’re the tips you should avail

For most of us our homes remain one of the biggest investments made by us in our entire lifetime—not only financially but emotionally as well. Think of the money you had to spend for building the entire home—getting the best of contractors, building materials and conveyancing 24-7 services on board! Think of the times you had to run from pillar to post in order to get your documents ready and acquire your permits. There is a reason why we are ready to dedicate so much time, energy and money for the legal hassles involved in purchasing homes—it’s to ensure that we don’t end up making mistakes and regret them later in our lives. Once you have the exterior of your house ready, you got to concentrate on the interiors. The interiors, in a major way, go on to reflect your own personality. If you have been a fan of antique all your and have always visualized a home with similar ambience then you should avail tips to pick the right antique décor pieces for your home. You might as well be a major proponent of sticking to vintage designs for your home. If yes, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will be discussing a few impeccable ways in which you can create a vintage home for yourself.

A few tips on vintage home décor

There are a few homeowners who clearly look forward to steering clear of the oft-repeated modern (read short-lived) home décor styles. One can easily claim that vintage styles are a long-standing buzz in the realm of interior decoration. Read on for a few valuable tips on vintage home décor.

Spruce up your personal space with some rustic furniture

It can well be said that a few rustic furniture pieces encapsulate our immediate ideas about the vintage. The introduction of distressed units, wooden plaques and shelving can work wonders for those who are actually very fond of the “exposed brickwork” look. These furniture pieces should ideally be teamed with subtle accessories and positioned against naturally washed walls.

Consider introducing attractive vignettes

You can add a unique conversation piece at the corner of the living room. Pair up smaller vintage pieces to create a unique vignette. A classic example of such vignette pieces are the pairing up of large mirrors with that of smaller tables in a bid to highlight the size of the mirror.

How about some statement wallpaper?

The wallpapers are available in vintage patterns. One can jolly well opt for the much favorite geometric patterns or else the scruffy floral prints of the seventies. Besides these you can also add animal print to the wall. The purpose of introducing wallpapers is to create a specific “fun” focal point in your room so that you do not end up overpowering other aspects of your personal space.

Concentrate on adding as many DIY pieces as you can to your home. Hope the aforementioned tips will be of a lot of help as you start shaping your “home” dreams to reality.


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