Ultimate Guide To Getting More Natural Light Into Your Home

If you are feeling a bit blue this winter, it may be due to there being less light at this time of year. If your home lacks lots of natural light, this may exacerbate the problem. It is always good to get outside during our natural daylight hours, but in some places in winter, this just isn’t possible in the week.


There are a few ways you could bring extra light into your home to enjoy while you are there. Using natural light is environmentally friendly and can save you a fortune on the electricity bill. Some people sit in their conservatories all year round just to make the most of the daylight available. Often this is a chilly prospect in winter, but they have the right idea about getting plenty of free light.


If you have a single storey room or extension, it is possible to put in a skylight to draw light down into the room and enhance the light from the windows. 1960s buildings had very big ‘picture’ windows to bring light in, but a skylight could bring in much more, straight from the sky. New houses have much smaller windows to be more energy efficient and warmer in winter. They can feel dark and pokey.


It is possible to break through the walls and install much larger windows. You could even install folding patio doors into your garden to maximise the light and have that outdoors indoors feeling. Light from above is more effective though. You can gain even more light through the whole range of daylight angles by installing a pitched skylight. This captures low angle light from the dawn and dusk hours too. A Skypod Skylight is just one example of this type of skylight.


Channelling light down into the room from above can help improve the quality of light in your living room for reading. Your children’s play areas are better lit and provide a better quality of light if there is plenty of natural light from above. For a kitchen, lots of light from above helps make the food preparation areas much safer. If you have a bathroom with no window, it can be difficult to see clearly when you are getting ready or personal grooming. Installing a natural light skylight can make a big difference.



If you are looking to build an extension soon, it may be worth considering having natural light from the roof area, especially with a pitched roof design. Even if you are using a flat roof, you can have a pitched skylight to maximise the light coming in. There are different qualities of glass so shop around to make sure you are getting the best quality for your money.


When winter comes, and the days are shorter and darker, it can feel quite oppressive. Natural light helps us to feel energised and motivated to make the most of our day. Without it, some people are susceptible to Seasonal Adjustment Disorder or SAD. This can be a very difficult to live with, and may require medical intervention.


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