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Expense Count:Tips For Moving Into Your First Home

Moving into your new home can be a fantastic experience. It is all about making the space of your house your own – into a home. They say a house is made of bricks and a home is made of hearts. It is by personal care into moving to your new house that you can make your house a home. Kitchen Cabinets – Spending and Saving Spend on custom cabinets; they are well worth the money.  Do custom cabinets only where absolutely necessary. If you have any that are salvageable, salvage them. You might get Read more [...]

Dodging The Crisis: Top Tips For Beating The Energy Squeeze In 2013

It’s a familiarly melancholy story – another year, another predicted energy price hike. This year, current trends in companies raising their prices have led to an estimated average annual dual fuel bill of almost £1,400. And if that weren’t bad enough, the UK’s energy regulator Ofgem has predicted a ‘looming energy crisis’ before 2020 if the country doesn’t change its energy tactics – rather scary stuff. But we can all do our bit and, if nothing else, make significant savings and Read more [...]