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The Pros And Cons Of Replacing Your Home’s Carpets With Cement Tiles

For most people, carpet is the flooring of choice to complement the style and decor of each room in their homes. You can buy carpets in a wide range of styles, colors, and thickness levels.   Today I’m going to suggest you do something a little different with your home! Instead of buying carpets when you’re redecorating, fit some cement tiles instead! OK, this might sound like a wacky idea to you. But cement tiles work well in any home, regardless of how you have styled the interior!   Of Read more [...]

Sick of Your Home’s Flat Design? Here’s How to Make it POP!

If you take pride in your home, then I would guess you’d like to make it pop with a fantastic design. Way too many houses have a design that looks OK, but it simply doesn’t pop. Flat design might be all the rage online, but it certainly isn’t in the home. These tips will help you to make your home pop in more ways than you can imagine:     Paint the Front Door   By painting your front door, you’ll make your house stand out from the rest. You have your choice Read more [...]