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Elements of Monthly Home Maintenance

With the amount invested in our homes, wouldn't it make sense to have a plan to take care of that investment? Absolutely, yet, maintaining the home is not something often thought of. In order to protect that investment, it's important to do regular checks on your house for maintenance reasons. This ensures that your home runs like a well-oiled machine all year round. Plus, you'll be safer, as well. So here are a few things you can do each month to keep your home in top shape. Remember, these are Read more [...]

DIY every homeowner should know how to do

Your home is the probably the most expensive item you will ever own. Obviously, you’re going to want to maintain (and even improve) your investment. There are a lot of things that can break or wear out, but calling in a specialist to fix everything can get expensive fast, and you’ve already got a shiny new mortgage to take care of. Luckily, there are a huge number of things that any homeowner can do themselves. You’ll get problems repaired sooner and at much less cost! The Noisy Toilet The Read more [...]