Sneak Preview! Spring Ideas For Your Living Room

As we are entering the holiday season, we are probably all busy decorating our homes and thinking about big parties and entertaining family. The smell of cinnamon and berries wafts through the house and fairy lights are twinkling in every room. A wreath on the door reminds us it is winter but Spring isn’t too far away.


If you are thinking of rejuvenating your home in the New Year, you are probably filling your wish list with items for your decor. Something about the festive period gets us shopping for more than just Christmas presents! As soon as the holidays are over, it will be time to strip the rooms bare and have a look at what new design ideas you can bring to your home.


After a busy holiday season, the house may be looking a little messy and tired, especially in your main entertaining areas. Any wallpaper may be starting to look tatty, and even the paint may be scuffed or dirty. The floors may be too marked to last another year so you may be thinking about rebuffing or replacing carpets. Skirting boards also suffer when we have a lot of people passing through the house. A lick of paint may be enough but sometimes you want to change their style or height too.

One of the simplest things to change is the lighting fittings. A good light fixture can be quite impactful on the style of the room. It is one of the first things we notice as we enter a room whether the lights are on or not. My Lighting Source in Utah and other light fitting stores have some very exciting new designs for the coming season. Some of the best available are strong in shape and color to pack a real punch in newly decorated room.


You may choose to color coordinate your soft furnishings with the lighting solutions you pick. Once the lights are on, the color may appear a different shade though, so proceed with caution here. Other ideas include draping fabric over your seating and tables to create a soft and feminine look in the room. The lighting can then be strong or minimalist to create a wonderful contrast.


If you are painting woodwork and walls, you can choose stronger colors this coming season. Spring often inspires us to use softer pallets and flowery colors, but a return to the deep and luxurious shades is long overdue. Passionate colors like rubies and sapphires are particularly popular for this coming season. Skirting boards needn’t be white either. Greys and even punchier colors can be very effective against a dark wood floor or carpet.


If you are looking for a simple way to freshen a room, changing the lighting fixtures and adding some table lamps may be enough. Cubes rather than softer curves make more of a statement in rooms that lack a strong focus. Perhaps you are thinking of changing your sofas instead? Fabrics are back, so swap that old leather couch for something in a pale shade to be dressed with deeper color cushions.

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