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Redesigning Your Bedroom as You Age

As children and young adults, many of us can fall asleep anywhere. We can easily go camping and sleep in a tent with only a foam mat for comfort. But as we age, we much prefer the comfortable things in life. We want a warm bed, with enough support, clothes storage we can easily access, and a quiet sleeping environment. But our bedrooms should still look stylish, even if they need to be a bit different to how they were in our youths. If you feel you’ve outgrown your bedroom, read on for some advice on changing it to fit your altered needs.


Comfortable Bed


One of the key factors of a comfortable bedroom has to be the bed. As you get older, you might find that you need a softer or harder mattress to suit your needs. The comfort of your bed can have an enormous impact on your quality of sleep, so it’s essential that you have the right one. If you want your bed to be luxurious, you might consider buying a memory foam or latex mattress, which can mold to the contours of your body to give you better support. Another thing you might want to consider is the size of your bed, especially if you share it. Some people find they can no longer share well with their partner and need to find a solution. You could try a bigger bed, separate bed covers (or even separate mattresses), or perhaps each having a bed of your own.


Functional Nightstand


No one likes getting out of bed once they’ve settled in, so having all the necessities in or on your nightstand will ensure you have everything you need. A bedside table with at least one drawer will give you space to put a lamp and a glass of water. You’ll also have somewhere to put spectacles, and perhaps a book or e-reader. Setting the table by an electric outlet gives you a convenient place to charge your phone or maybe even plug in a coffee maker.

Accessible Clothes Storage


It can be a bit harder to bend down and get things from drawers and other storage close to the ground. Instead of a chest of drawers, you could have clothes stored in boxes on higher shelves. You could also keep more things in wardrobes, especially if you have a lot of closet space, with plenty of shelves. Try hanging clothes storage on the back of the door too, such as a shoe hanger.


Modern Conveniences


There are all sorts of mod-cons you can use in your bedroom to make life easier. You can install a dimmer switch for better control of the lights or even put in a light that you can control from your phone. Apart from a coffee machine, you could have other facilities for food and drink, like a mini-fridge. Even alarm clocks are more modern, and you can buy one that wakes you with light and gentle sounds.


Just like you would change your room as you grow into a teenager or an adult or form a family, you should do so as you continue to change with age. You can still create a stylish room, but it can be more comfortable too.

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