Make Your Home Unique with Beautiful Antique Hardware

If you’ve ever walked into a home with beautiful antique furniture, you would immediately notice how original and charming it looks. Period pieces add a certain rustic charm to any living or working space, and definitely give any room a unique character and personality that is hard to miss.

Contemporary designs are all well and good (think Ikea), but if you’re on the lookout for a hard-to-match appeal and a distinctive look for your home, it would do you good to decorate it with some carefully-chosen antique pieces of furniture or hardware.

Old door hardware can transform any furniture into a conversation piece

Images attributed to OGT Store Antique brass letter slot cover and Eastlake keyhole bronze cover

Yes, even hardware. Old door hardware, for instance, can transform a room in so many ways. Visitors to your abode would no doubt be impressed. If you are not exactly rolling in dough and couldn’t really afford that Louis XV chair or that ‘colonial times’ table, you can go for the next best thing: antique hardware.


So where can you find old door hardware? They’re not as readily available as modern hardware pieces, but you can find them if you have the patience to look around. Below are some places where you can look for them:


Remodels or demolition projects

Take a walk around your city or neighborhood. Chances are, you will come across a remodeling or demo project where old doors are being taken down. It takes a bit of diplomacy to talk to contractors, builders, and owners, but if you are determined enough, you might get a good price for some beautiful pieces of hardware such as door knobs, door pulls, letter slots, or keyhole covers.


You can also look for abandoned buildings such as apartments, barns, houses, and the like to see if there are any pieces of furniture or hardware that you can get. But, of course, once you find an abandoned building, you need to track down the owner first and ask their permission if you can get any of these items. This entails a bit of work and research, but you might be able to get a good deal.


Dumpsters or trash bins

In the same vein, driving around your neighborhood and checking out dumpsters or trash bins right next to some demolition or remodeling projects might give you a treasure trove of old door hardware. Since it’s technically trash, it’s automatically free – you don’t have to haggle or negotiate with contractors or owners anymore. Dumpster diving may even produce other nice pieces, like window frames or wooden drawers and the like. However, if you are understandably wary about doing this, you can go for the next option.



You’d be amazed at how much you can see online when it comes to old hardware pieces. There are various suppliers and dealers who make it a point to reclaim furniture and hardware from old and abandoned buildings and historical places, and you can easily take your pick. Along with this, reputable suppliers are usually responsible for restoring, cleaning, or repairing old hardware, so you don’t have to do the restoration yourself.

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