Invaluable Advice For Erecting A Garden Fence

Security is of paramount importance in and around the home these days. If you believe all the hype, burglars are queuing up to relieve you of your belongings. Garden thefts make up a high percentage of reported burglaries, but people could prevent many of them if they made the effort. It doesn’t cost a lot to invest in products that secure your property.


A physical barrier will help protect a perfect garden and stop prying eyes from casing the joint. Too many people ignore that fact, and erect flimsy or transparent fencing that affords little in the way of protection.


We are going to examine the best way to construct a solid wooden fence today so that your kids can play in safety, and an intruder will move along to a softer target. It isn’t hard, and you can surround an average garden in just one weekend. It has an instant visual effect on the space too, so you can see the result of your labours.


You must measure the size of your garden first and calculate how many posts you need for the job. There must be one on each corner and one every six feet; the standard size of most panels. As you will see, you probably need to cut one panel on each side, to make it fit.


Visit your local timber merchant and buy the best products you can afford; you must pay for quality if the fence is to last for up to ten years. Some people prefer to use concrete posts that will last for decades. They are not as attractive as the wooden ones, but they give extra security. You will also need bags of post concrete from a builder’s merchant. The products consist of a mix that cures quickly and allows you to get on with the rest of the job.


  • Dig the first hole and introduce the post. If you are using a concrete product, the depth must be accurate.
  • Fill the hole halfway with rubble and ram it until the post doesn’t move.
  • Fill the rest of the hole with concrete mix and ram it until it is solid.
  • Pour a bucket of water around the post. The concrete should cure quickly when it gets wet.
  • Mark out the line of the fence using string and pegs.
  • Dig a hole for the second post.
  • Fix a panel to the first and second posts using screws, or slot it in if they are of concrete.
  • Secure the second post in the hole the same as you did the first.


Continue erecting the fence as above. If you need to cut a panel, do so before installing the post because it is difficult to make it fit the space afterwards. You will probably need to leave a gap for a gate. It is a good idea to use extra thick posts on either side of it to make it rigid. Build the gate out of pressure treated timber and make it as tall as the fence. Use bolts on the top and bottom to secure it.


You will be able to relax knowing the your children and your belongings are safe thanks to your incredible new barrier. It is one of the most satisfying DIY jobs to take on. Anybody can do it if they can use a saw and dig a hole; try it and see.








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