Ideas For Using Steel In Your Home To Create A Contemporary Look

Steel is a fantastic resource that people can use around their homes to create a contemporary and commercial look. It is best to include it in the design stage of the house because retrofitting it afterwards can be difficult. Designers have seen the benefits of this material for many years and have created some stunning spaces for their clients.


We are going to take a look at some ways you can use steel in your home today. If you are about to embark on a self-build project, you are lucky. Think about the advantages and beauty of this material and include it in your plans from the beginning. Your structure will be a one of a kind example of modern architecture if you get it right.



Whether it is on the inside or outside of the building, you could opt to put the steel skeleton on display. Many contemporary homes need a structure made from girders. The architects cannot construct the shapes from traditional materials. The framework is, usually, inside walls and roof spaces, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you expose the metalwork, it will make a modern statement about function over aesthetics, and people will grow to love it.



Many buildings need proper ventilation and air conditioning these days. Take a trip to a factory and see how they do it there. The metal ducting hangs from the ceilings by threaded rod and is on view for all to see. You can apply the same method to your home. Instead of running the ducts above the ceilings, run them below. They will be the topic of conversation when your guests call around.


Industrial Staircase

Build the stairs oft of galvanised steel and use cold drawn seamless tube for the handrails. Those who like their interior design to look almost sterile will find this idea attractive. Maybe you could apply chrome to the rails to contrast the galvanised treads. The possibilities are endless.


Little Things

It isn’t all about structural applications; anybody can bring metal into their home in a small way. Maybe you could construct a stand for your aquarium out of angle iron and steel bars. It will have to be rigid and capable of carrying a lot of weight because the tank is hefty when it is full.


There are applications for steel in the bathroom and kitchen too. You can design some bespoke towel rails or utensil racks to suit the style of the rooms. When you have a drawing, take it along to a metal fabrication factory and ask them to manufacture the item for you. Not everybody can undertake metalwork as a DIY project.


Lighting is another area where steel is used to great effect. If you have an artistic imagination, you might be able to create a floor lamp that is individual and every bit as attractive as the mass produced units.


As you can see, the uses for steel around the home are endless. If you want to have some fun, buy a welder and create a wacky sculpture for your garden. You can gain immense pleasure from convincing people it is a serious work of art when you know it is just a pile of old junk. Metal is an attractive and versatile material; make it part of your interior design.

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