How To Turn Dead Space Into An Urban Garden

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden. Some of us don’t live in the suburbs with wide open spaces. Some of us live in cities in apartment blocks where there is hardly enough space for people, let alone a garden. So, you should just call it a day and say you are not meant to have a garden, right? Wrong. Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy some of the most basic pleasures of life. So, you see that bit of spare land next or the roof on your building? Well, use a few of these simple tips and you can transform that ‘dead’ space into your own urban garden.

Grow Plants In Containers

You don’t have the soil and space to grow greener, so you are going to have to get creative. Old plant pots and containers are a great place to grow plants. All you need is a container big enough and some soil for the seeds to grow. Once they sprout, you can transform your roof into an urban garden by decorating it will containers filled with plants and flowers.

Use Decorative Baskets

Even if you are high above any ground or soil, you can still have an urban garden. Instead of being on the roof or a dead plot of land, it can hang from your building. Well, it can if you have hanging baskets. They are the same as containers, but they are easily attached to precarious places to give your flat or apartment a bit of life and colour.

Deck It Out

Gardens don’t have to be all grass and soil. In fact, a lot of modern day gardens are paving, gravel or artificial turf. So, transform your roof and get some flagging laid down to create the quintessential urban garden. Combined with the hanging baskets and containers, your garden will be a great place to sit back and relax. True Grid is a company that specialises in paving so check them out. All you need now are some deck chairs!

Don’t Go Overboard

There is a tendency to treat your urban garden with kid gloves. A lot of people tend to drown their plants as a result. They are so happy they have created their little bit of garden in the city they go over the top while they are maintaining them. Don’t make the same mistake otherwise the garden will disappear as soon as it has appeared.

Use Water Releasing Crystals

An urban garden is bound to be a lot smaller than a normal garden. As a result, they don’t need as much maintenance. If you spend a lot of time away from the city or work often, water-releasing crystals are a great addition to the urban garden. They soak up any water and moisture that is in the soil and slowly release it over time. You will never have to worry about your urban garden while you are away again.

Cities have never looked so good. Or, they have never looked so green!


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