How to Fly-Proof Your Home

There a few little buzzing insects that are quite as annoying as flies, but their problems do not end with the buzz. Flies are capable of spreading serious diseases from one source to another, such as tuberculosis, malaria, and salmonella. Not only that, but they lay eggs directly on the surface of your food, and in the case of small fruit flies, they can deposit as much as 500 eggs! Once you reach for your fly swatter it may already be too late, which is why it is important to learn how to prevent as well as how to get rid of flies.


Most Common DIY Techniques


Many people are looking for simple, home remedies for pest control, which can save money and end up being more environmentally friendly than large, smelly extermination methods. Consider these three home remedies as fly deterrents:


  1. Dish soap trap – Get fruit scented dish soap, pour it in a dish and pour water over top. The soap attracts the flies and the water drowns them.
  2. Natural repellant spray – Mix Cayenne pepper and water in a spray bottle to repel flies from specific areas of your home.
  3. Repelling herbs – Floral herbs like basil, lavender, and marigold naturally repel flies and make your home smell wonderful.
  4. Clear plastic water bag – Hang a full, clear bag of water or old CDs near windows. The reflected light simulates spider webs, which flies try to avoid.


Commercial Protection


If you are at your wit’s end, you may want to consider buying commercial fly traps to get rid of the problem quickly. They may not be as appealing as the DIY methods, but many people find they work fast. The first solution is common fly paper. These traps attract flies and trap them on the very sticky surface. Make sure to avoid touching the paper yourself, otherwise you’ll find you have gooey fingers. Another very common solution, especially on patios or verandas is a bug light. These lights keep pests away at night and zap them dead. A third option is eco-friendly commercial bug repellant, such as sprays made of orange oil.




Once you have cleared your home of unwanted flying pests, you next order of business should be to prevent any more insects from coming in your home.


  1. Seal your garbage
  2. Throw out old food, and try your best to throw out food before it goes bad
  3. Clean all surfaces of food residue, such as the counters and floors
  4. Check window and door seals for small holes that bugs can enter into


Get rid of annoying flies with one or more of these helpful tips, but always know that you can call a professional eco-sensitive exterminator when the flies are out of cont

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