How To Clean & Maintain Your Coffee Maker

Investing in the maintenance of your coffeemaker is the perfect investment for any coffee lover. Not only do you get to save from having to buy expensive coffee from coffee shops, it also ensures that you get your fix without having to go out in the middle of the night. With that said, having your own machine doesn’t mean that you will get that coffee shop quality, as there are some trade secrets and other techniques that must be learned in order for one to enjoy a truly beautiful and artistic coffee.

To learn these techniques, there are several ways for you to choose from such as looking online, checking out cookbooks as well as apprenticing from someone. With the advent of technology, one can easily learn these techniques. Trial and error is a great way to learn and practicing as well as checking out your equipment from time to time will ensure a smooth flow of the brew.

With that said, one of the most important things that you ought to do is to clean out your coffee machine to ensure that it works perfectly. The coffee maker should first be cleaned of any coffee residue before and after to prevent stains and staleness from settling in. Leftover granules from the coffee beans would settle down on the filter, which can affect your freshly brewed coffee as well as affect its taste.

How To Clean Coffee Makers

Making sure that your machine is clean is pertinent to getting the most tasty brew that is not impacted by the residue that is commonly left behind in brewers that are not cleaned regularly. Use the guide below to properly keep the machine clean and make sure that it runs efficiently and provide you with the best possible tasting coffee.

To clean your coffeemaker, use non-detergent cleaners made specifically for food equipment. Ordinary soaps as well as household detergents contain acids which can deteriorate as well as damage your coffee container. Look for sodium perborate and sodium metasilicate as primary ingredients before buying your cleaner. Remember that coffee is sensitive and a slight imbalance can readily affect the taste and quality of the final product.

Backflushing your coffeemaker is another way of cleaning the machine. By backflushing, you can easily remove the grains in the grouphead of the machine. The portafilters are soaked for a few minutes in hot water with coffeemaker cleaner to loosen up the debris. After a few minutes, gently scrub the filters then replace it back on the grouphead after which let water pass through to cleanse it.

For people who own drip machines, instead of using powdered cleaners, use a tablet, which is available for coffee makers. You can also use powdered cleaners but you will need to use a filter paper on top of the metal basket. Activate the machine and let it stand for an hour to cleanse the machine thoroughly.

More Tips

It is crucial that one always remember to clean and maintain coffeemakers so as to enjoy freshly brewed coffee. Keep in mind to calibrate the machine so that you get the right amount of water to brew your coffee. This would ensure that your coffee is the perfect blend and not too bitter or too bland. Also, check the temperature setting as the correct one would allow for the coffee to boil properly.

Having a great cup of coffee is essential for the many lovers of this most popular drink, using high quality ingredients, like beans, the perfect grind and a great machine is essential to brewing quality coffee at home.

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