Hot Tips to Maximize the Natural Light in Your Home

One of the worst things that can happen when you buy a new home is realizing that it doesn’t get much natural light. You might have viewed it at times where the light was at its best or in the evening when you couldn’t assess the level of light at all. And now you have a home that seems like a dark cave, unless you have all your electric lights on all day. You certainly don’t want to run up a huge electricity bill having the lights turned on all the time, and it’s not as good as natural light anyway. So how can you harness the sunlight that you do get and maximize it in your home to create a lighter space? Don’t despair, because all is not lost. You can turn your dark and dreary home into a sunny paradise with these simple tips.


Get Reflecting


Mirrors can do wonders for a room with minimal natural light. They reflect the light coming in, instead of absorbing it, so you can make the most of what you’ve got. Place a mirror opposite a window and it will help to create the appearance of more light in the room. Mirrors can help a small room look bigger too, which is handy in a darker room with less space. Hang mirrors on the way, either a large one or several smaller ones, and put them in dark areas. You can also buy furniture with reflective elements, like glass, mirrors and metallics.

Lighter Colors


When your room is already dark, you don’t want to make it worse by using a dark color palette. Lighten up your home by focusing on lighter colors for your walls, floors and ceilings. There are some excellent examples of how a light color scheme, combined with natural light, can open up a room on the Brooklyn Village development website. If you think white is a bit boring, use greys, taupes, light blues and other cool tones. Don’t buy furniture in dark colors either, or it will overwhelm theĀ  room. If you want to add some deeper colors, use some bright and dark splashes in the form of accessories. Get throws, cushions, picture frames and lamps with a bit more color in them. Just don’t choose dark colors for large canvases, or it will be too much.


Focus on Windows


Your windows are where all your natural light is coming from, so you need to make sure they’re letting in as much as possible. You should avoid using anything, like Roman blinds that will block the sunlight even when they’re open. Use something that can be completely pulled back from the window, such as a set of drapes. You can also use ties, so you can hold them right back from the window. Another option is Venetian blinds, which you can angle to control the direction of the light. Keep your windowsills clear to avoid blocking light and creating shadows.


Don’t forget to remove any obstacles outside too. If there are trees or bushes in the way, trim them back to make sure you get as much light as possible.

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