Great Flooring Ideas For Your Living Room

When you are planning to change your living room floor, choosing between carpet and hard flooring can be a tough choice. There are so many choices for each, and so many benefits for both too. Depending on what your room will mostly be used for, you may feel you can tackle this part of the decorating on a budget. For others, the flooring is the most important part of the room and no expense will be spared.


If you are looking to redecorate your living room, you will need to stop and think about how the room will be used. Some living areas are multi-purpose. We need to use this area for dining as well as vegging out in front of the TV. If we are eating in here too, would carpet be appropriate? Carpet and food combined is a haven for bugs and dirt. You can never get certain food stains out a carpet, and the process of carpet washing is hard work if you need to get food smells out of the fibers. You may also want to think about vacuuming and see vacuum cleaner reviews online to find the best one for your new floor.


When we eat in the room, having a hard floor will undoubtedly help us maintain good standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Picking a hard flooring for an area where the kids may be sitting on the floor playing can be tricky. Laminate is a cheaper alternative to solid wood flooring and tends to be a little more springy to save dropped cups and plates. It is also easier to replace. Solid wood flooring looks beautiful but requires some maintenance to keep it looking good.


Slate, tile and concrete can be a little cold. You may want to think about an under-floor heating system if you are using this kind of flooring in the living area. There are so many choices for color and texture of these kinds of floors too. You can buy colored and textured rugs to bring a room to life and provide a softer area for kids to play. Some kids also respond well to rugs as a confinement area for toys, saving you a huge tidy up when they have gone to bed.


Carpets are much cheaper than they used to be, and fabrics used can be stain-resistant and hypoallergenic. Pets prefer carpets as they are less slippy, but fur and fleas trapped in the carpet could be just the beginning of problems. Muddy paws and sharpening claws can destroy a carpet in seconds, so if you have a problem pet, sticking with an easy to wipe surface may be best.


If you have a baby, or you are thinking of having a baby soon, hard floors can be particularly hazardous and may make you nervous when baby starts to crawl, climb or toddle. You can buy baby mats to place on top of a good, non-slip rug. Having a baby needn’t stop you furnishing your living room with a hard floor.


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