Got A Big Garden? Super Ideas To Make The Most Of That Space

If you are lucky enough to have a house that sits on a good size plot, you may be wondering what you could do to make the most of all that extra land. It often depends on your interests and those of your family. If you live in a detached house and you are not overlooked by your neighbors, then only your budget can hold you back from doing whatever you like. Here are four great ideas to mull over for your garden project of the year:


Swimming pool – For some, this may seem extravagant. For the kids, this is an excellent way to have lots of fun, and keep fit and active too! There are plenty of different designs that could be ideal, like those from this new pool design styles portfolio online. If you want a pool that can be used most of the year, you might want to consider a heater system to keep the water temperature comfortable. Outdoor pools are great to use, and they look good in your garden. Safety is essential in the garden, especially when you have water features or pools. Factor in the cost of a good quality gate system to protect the kids.


Outbuilding – Any outbuilding can be useful to you. Build a large summer house   for entertaining, or an office so you can work from home comfortably. Perhaps you need a new garage for the car, or just somewhere to store all your junk? Additional buildings on your land can add value to your property so consider its purpose carefully. You may just want somewhere for the kids to make noise away from the main house. For hobby enthusiasts, a workshop or studio is a fantastic idea.


Landscaped gardens – Having a lot of land at the back of your house means you can create a garden for every occasion by using planting to make different sections. You might want a play area for the kids with a swing and a slide. The dog might need a patch to dig and roll around in too. For the grown ups, you might want to make a beautiful, relaxing zen garden and enjoy some outdoor tai chi or yoga. Perhaps a pretty rose garden would be a nice place to visit in the summer, or a wildflower garden to attract butterflies and bees? Use shrubs, planting and flowers to make your incredible garden into a magical place this summer.


Entertaining area – Call in the hard landscapers and build yourself an awesome deck and patio entertaining area. You could have comfortable seating under the cover of a gazebo and a purpose-built cooking area. Some guys like an outdoor bar area where they can sit in the sun and enjoy a cold beer. Think about providing a couple of covered areas, so there is plenty of shade. Add some solar lights for when the sun starts to go down, and plenty of sun loungers for lazing about. Don’t forget to keep some lawn for that impromptu game of football!



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