Glass – The Ultimate Fence

It is hard to imagine life without glass. Being so clear, it is almost easy to ignore. From the minute you wake up and open the bedroom window, your favorite coffee mug, the car window as you drive to work, to the beautiful glass office. Glass is an integral part of our everyday life. The use of glass can be traced back from ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Egypt. Around the 12th Century, grand buildings such as churches were decorated with colored glass which formed an important part of the Roman art. People have always found new and exciting ways to use glass, one such use being the use of glass for fencing. Upmarket home designers and developers being good at their business and based on their observation have led the way in making glass fencing the new trend. The clarity and elegance of glass is the reason why there is an increased interest in glass fencing.


Glass fencing has mostly been used around swimming pools and with good reason. The fence protects the pool from pets and children while adding a touch of class to the property. The use of frameless glass fence is a nice choice that adds some style to the pool. However there is the option of using some stylish frames that will add to the appeal of the fence. A glass balustrade at the right place enhances the appeal of a house. The balustrade can be fitted along the stair case or on a path leading to the garden to great effect. On the garden itself a glass fence can be used to protect the flowers and landscape and still allow people a chance to enjoy the view.

There are many advantages of using glass, contrary to what many people think, glass is actually a very strong material especially when fitted with the right thickness. Apart from allowing natural light to a pool area, glass does not corrode and the pool chemicals or the elements will not have any effect on it. The process of fitting a glass fence is simple and takes a few hours for a total transformation of your house. Steel and aluminium frames can be incorporated to the design of the house and once fitted, the whole fence will easily blend and improve on the total appeal. Glass is one of the most durable materials and is bound to last a long time after a proper fitting. The numerous varieties and styles available make glass fencing the new trend for any person looking to improve their property.

While glass is not very expensive, the frames and fittings used have been the main factor in the high cost of a glass fence installation. While glass does not require a lot of maintenance, proper and regular cleaning is necessary. Use only proper glass cleaners and avoid any harsh or abrasive materials on the glass surface to avoid scratches. It has been said that glass limits privacy though there is the option of using colored glass in areas that require some privacy. For any developer or any person working on improving their home, nothing comes with such clear advantages like glass fencing the new trend in style.

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