Give Your Home a Simple Winter Makeover

When the seasons change, it’s good idea to change the decor of your home. It probably doesn’t make sense to have a house covered in bright colours when it’s freezing cold outside. Why not give your home a simple winter makeover to make things feel more up to date and cosy? You don’t have to spend a fortune or that much time. Try these pointers to help you…


Paint in Light Neutrals


Light neutral colours are perfect for the winter season. Even though they can give a cooler feel to the home, they are easy to accessorise and can look perfect when paired with the rest of the tips in this guide. Darker colours take more effort to use, whereas you can afford to be a bit fast and loose when painting in light colours. You don’t have to go too light; grey and taupe look amazing too! Remember, light colours help your home to look bigger too, as they reflect more light. A perfect tip for small houses!


Add a Splash of Colour With Accessories


If you need to have colour in your decor, then add a splash with your accessories. I love adding accessories to spice up my decor, as they really can make all the difference. Add cushions in a colour of your choice, as well as ornaments and wall decorations. Red and green can look great at this time of year, but you can choose whatever you like. Pinterest can be a great source of inspo!


Use Warm Textures


Warm textures are essential for making that neutral, light decor look cosy and inviting. Use faux fur, dark wood, and leather to accessorise and make your home look seriously comfortable, recommend Multiyork. You can never have too many throws or cosy rugs! Find as many textures as you can to add interest to your home and avoid it looking boring. You can find great accessories at a reasonable price in discount stores.


Create an Ambiance With Lighting


Winter is the best time of year to create an ambiance with lighting. There’s nothing better than chilling out with a good book with the lights low. If you don’t have a fire, you could consider installing one depending on your budget. You could even just use fairy lights to create a magical effect!


Use Plenty of Candles and Incense


Candles and incense add to the cosy effect that you’re trying to achieve. It’s not just the pretty flicker of light they add though; it’s the smell too! Try to pick winter scents, such as cinnamon, red berry, and vanilla. Anything too flowery will remind people of summer and won’t have the desired effect.


What will you be doing to get that cosy winter feel in your home? Winter decor is all about creating a luxurious feel too, so make sure it’s glamorous and full of luxuries. You can fake luxury and glamour at a bargain price, so don’t worry about blowing your budget!


Thanks for reading!

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