Foolproof Tips For Teen Bedroom Decor

Teenagers are notoriously hard to please. They all go through a stage in their lives where everything seems like too much trouble. You’ll struggle to get them to help with chores and they probably won’t wake up until midday on weekends!

As an added incentive to encourage your teenager to keep their room clean, why not give it a makeover with a few foolproof tips?

There are a few simple and effective ways to create a bedroom to make your teenagers personality. You can find them outlined below.

Pets and Responsibility

If your teenager lacks a sense of responsibility, one way to combat this, and encourage them to keep their room tidy is to buy them a pet. Small pets like fish can be kept in a secure aquarium that you can even make yourself.

Good first-time pets to be kept in your teenager’s bedroom are also hamsters, rats or lizards. These are all easy to look after and don’t cost vast amounts of money to buy from your local pet shop. Encourage your teenager to keep the area around the cage or aquarium clean and tidy as well as explaining pet responsibility whilst it is in their room.

Themed Room – themed rooms when you are an adult aren’t exactly very fashionable. However, when you are a teenager, themed rooms are amazing! Create an awesome Marvel comics themed room filled with all of their favourite characters.

You could use your teenagers favourite film as inspiration for their themed room or a favourite game. Minecraft, has some really fun accessories and toys to brighten up a boring area.

Make use of shelving to display a mixture of school books and reading material. Give your teenager a desk area to do their homework, and you’ll avoid any mess downstairs. You could decoupage their desk by cutting up old magazines and sticking them on, before sealing the whole thing with varnish.

Cool Beds – think about whether your teenager wants a pull out sofa-bed or a standard bed with one of the best luxurious single mattresses to sleep on.

You can get some really unique and modern bed frames just by searching online and in stores. There are many deals to be had just after Christmas, so consider holding off your project until the new year in order to get the best bargains!

Storage Options – one thing that is essential in a teenager’s room is the storage. They can’t ever seem to find enough space for all of their belongings! From clothes, to shoes and various accessories you will need to ensure that you get creative with use of space.

Choose furniture without too much depth and designs that are versatile and can be moved around when not in use. If you are short on space for lamps and lighting designs, then you could opt to have halogen lights installed into the ceiling. These can even use coloured bulbs, to create a dramatic effect that your teenager will love.

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