Expense Count:Tips For Moving Into Your First Home

Moving into your new home can be a fantastic experience. It is all about making the space of your house your own – into a home. They say a house is made of bricks and a home is made of hearts. It is by personal care into moving to your new house that you can make your house a home.

Kitchen Cabinets – Spending and Saving

Spend on custom cabinets; they are well worth the money.  Do custom cabinets only where absolutely necessary. If you have any that are salvageable, salvage them. You might get good deals online.

Kitchen Tiles – Spending and Saving

Use a good tile for your floor even if it is a bit of a splurge. Use a non-expensive shape like hexagon to save on the cost of the tile.

Kitchen Fixtures – Spending and Saving

Opt for a smart kitchen fixture even if it is a little expensive. If the kitchen is small you can complete the fixtures with just one slab and that accounts for considerable saving.

Heating and Cooling – Spending and Saving

If you are a Mac person go for the Nest, the thermostat controllable with your iPhone or iPad. Older models of it are comparatively cheap. Save on insulation if you do not need it.

Windows – Spending and Saving

Put new windows where you absolutely cannot do without them. They should be done so they let more light into the house and give it a larger appearance. You can let many of the old windows stay, so that you do not need to spend on them.

Backyard – Spending and Saving

You might as well pay your gardener a few hundred dollars to set the foundations of your garden. You won’t have to wait long for your gardening project to come to life. Be sure to hire the cheapest gardener you can get. Put in some work on your own. It is part of the joy of owning your own house.

Take an Inventory

It may happen that you go to the furniture shop to buy one thing and then suddenly you feel like buying a ton of other things. You go there to buy a couch and soon you have bought a coffee table, throw pillows and rugs – this is a real possibility.  If you haven’t bought household items for a while there is need to be all the more careful. List out thing you own. This way they will always be at the top of mind awareness.

Keep a list of things you have and things you need. Make this list accessible on your phone. This way you will stay on top of things when you are at the furniture store.

Invest in Quality Furniture

Buy a high quality bed and make your other furniture high quality as well. Quality furniture lasts. Many years into the future you will not have to replace your furniture if it is of good quality. Make sure the covers are washable, specially if you have small kids or a puppy. One way to judge furniture is by how long it will last. Good quality furniture may end up in your children’s houses while poor quality furniture needs to be replaced soon.

How to Save Money

There are several ways to save money when furnishing and moving into your new home. Buy gently used quality furniture. Some used furniture can be bought at less than half the price of new furniture. Buy on big sales holidays like President’s Day. You can also think of buying online – prices here are far cheaper than in brick and mortar stores.

By being wise you can turn your house into the home of your dreams and do so at a price that is not too hard on your wallet.

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