Cool DIY Project: Make a Wooden Table with Stainless Steel Legs

If you love DIY, one of the best things you can do yourself is making furniture. Good quality furniture can be extremely expensive, and cheaper items don’t see to last very long. When you make your own furniture you can use recycled or cheap materials, and you know just how well it’s been made, because you put it together. People often think of making furniture as something that you need years of experience and expertise to do. But there are lots of simple projects you can complete, such as this one to make a table with stainless steel legs.

To make your table, you can use recycled or brand new materials. It’s up to you, depending on how you want your table to look. You might want it to look industrial and rugged, or perhaps you’ll go for a more sleek and modern look. You could make this table with a glass top, but it’s easier to do with wood.


For the tabletop you need one large piece of wood, or several uniform pieces you can put together. You could use a recycled wooden pallet for this if you want a rustic look. Measure your wood to your desired size and cut it down. Whether your wood is new or recycled, you’ll probably want to spruce it up a bit. Sand it down if it’s looking rough around the edges or if you want to apply a varnish or paint. Paint or apply varnish according to the instructions on the tin and leave it to dry.


Meanwhile, you can start preparing your legs. To create some square stainless steel legs, use steel box section tubes. Or, if you would prefer round legs you can use rounded piping instead. Although you can buy ready-made table legs from DIY and furniture stores, it’s just as easy and often cheaper to make some yourself. As well as your piping, cut to your desired length, you’ll need some pipe bases. You might decide to paint your tubes too, possibly with a spray paint suitable for metal and outside use if your table is for outdoors. You can simply use four pieces of tubing for the four legs, or you can give it more strength by creating a frame. Use T-joints to create an H shape that will give your table a more industrial-looking, robust shape.


If you’re using more than one piece of wood, you’ll need to piece them together. A simple way to hold them together is by screwing slim pieces of wood, such as 1x4s, to the bottom of your table to attach each piece to the others. You can then use the 1x4s to attach the pipe bases and your table legs.


This is a very simple table to put together, but you can still make unique design choices, so you have a great looking table. You don’t need to be a master carpenter to make this easy table, and because it’s really a template, you can do what you want with it.

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