Choosing and cutting stones for your dream walkway!

Stone walkways can turn out to be brilliant additions to your home simply by the virtue of their sheer beauty. Now, there are several types of building stones available in the market. However, you have to be careful enough to choose a stone which is in compliance to your home and yard. It is very easy to spruce up a nondescript sidewalk just by adding a layer of granite, bluestone or quartzite to it. Here are a few factors which you must consider before creating that beautiful stone walkway outside your home or office. What exactly are these factors? Find out!

Factors affecting the choice of stones for walkways

Style: The choice of stone to be installed in the walkways should vary in accordance with the type of your dwelling. If yours is a traditional or period home then cut-stone blocks known as ashlar would be the perfect choice. In case you have a modern home you should then opt for geometric shaped modular patterns. Country home dwellers should settle for irregular patterns.

Climate: Quartzite, granite and bluestone are really suitable for regions experiencing chilly winters—simply because they can endure freezing weather easily. Sandstone and limestone are porous and softer rocks which cannot absorb the melting ice efficiently. There are chances of developing cracks over time. These stones are more suitable for the warmer regions.

Function: If you are creating a walkway which is likely to have high traffic (like the walkway leading to the entry of your home) then you should actually settle for uniformly cut stone without any ruggedness which might as well cause frequent tripping. If the walkway is built in the backyard you can actually end up settling for stones with rugged textures so as to add an edge to your entire lawn area.

Creation of Stone Walkways: Are you embarking on a DIY project?

If you are indulging in creating the walkway yourself then you need to be aware of all these factors since there is no professional to offer you relevant suggestions here. Make sure you are measuring the length and breadth of the area where you want to create the walkway. Cutting the stone for the walkway is another important responsibility. If you are looking forward to cutting the stone yourself instead of ordering pre cut stones then make sure you are sourcing the cutting tools from a reputed shop.

Canadian Diamond Productsis home to a number of stone cutting and fabrication tools. Those working on stone cutting for walkways turn to this particular (read one of the most trusted in the market) company to source their high-end tools which render such flawless finishes to your stone. The quality of cutting tools might as well end up making all the difference between superior quality and poorly cut stones!

Hopefully, the aforementioned tips will help you in creating the walkway of your dream. You can turn to a host of lifestyle magazines in order to secure ideas about creative walkways! Way to go! Best of luck!

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