Awe-Inspiring Decorating Tips For A Bedroom

If you want to take on an easy project in your home, your bedroom could be the answer. Unlike the kitchen and bathroom, there is no complicated plumbing to tackle, and only minor electrical alterations are necessary. The rest of the project is down to hard work and a keen eye for detail. Anybody can tackle this room with a minimum of fuss. When it is complete, you will enjoy a relaxing and comfortable haven where you can sleep or be alone with your thoughts.


Here are some inspiring ideas that will help you to transform your space. I hope you find them as exciting and awe-inspiring as I do.


Storage Is Everything

Before you can tackle the rest of the room, you must deal with the issue of storage. Clutter is your enemy in the bedroom, and sliding wardrobes are the best way to deal with it. Though you may lose a couple of feet from one end of the room, it gives you an ideal space to hide all of your clothes and other things. You could opt for mirror doors too; they will make the area look twice as big.

The sliding doors are easy to install. Make a frame out of timber. Fix it to the walls, ceiling and floor. Then attach the rails to it so that the doors can slide. Outfit the interior as you see fit; there are many solutions available to you. Now you can keep all of your clutter out of sight.



Create A Mood With Lighting

Though you may wish to swap the ceiling light for a modern alternative, it is the table and reading lights that will create a mood in the room. If you shop for LED bulbs online, you will see that they come in many colours. Position lamps around the room so that they will create areas of light and shade. You can use mirrors to bounce the light around the room too. Experiment with the positions until you create a suitable ambiance.


Window Dressings

Blinds are not the best choice for bedrooms, in my opinion; I prefer to see a set of luxurious drapes. Of course, you may have a different view. Perhaps you could have the best of both choices by installing modern blinds within the window recess and curtains on the outside. They will block the light efficiently if you use them in combination.


Encourage Relaxation

Consider a stylish aquarium in your room. There is nothing more relaxing than watching the fish swim idly by without a care in the world. You can experiment with different light sources so that it gives off a soft glow at night. I advise you to build it into a unit of some sort to quieten the sound of the filters and aeration system.



There is a trend towards laminate flooring in bedrooms, but it does not provide the luxury and warmth of carpet. Nobody likes to step out of bed onto a freezing surface; it is much better to feel a warm and soft product underfoot.


All that remains is for you to paint the walls in the shade of your choosing. Try not to clutter them with too many pictures because they will look too busy and spoil all of your hard work so far.

If you have any ideas you would like to share with others, drop me a line. I am always open to new tips and tricks. For now, I hope you enjoy peaceful nights and sweet dreams.




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