9 Ideas That Would Instantly Improve Your Garden

If you neglect your back garden, it can quickly start looking a bit ragged and tired. Gardens need constant attention and care if they’re to look as good as they can do. You have to try to find the right balance between design, intervention and letting nature takes its course.


So, if your garden has seen better days, but you’re not sure how to improve things, here are 9 ideas for you to try out.


1. A Water Feature


A great looking water feature can add an element of calm and tranquility to any garden. You can sit there entranced by the flowing water on a warm summer evening, what could be better than that? They can take a lot of work to set up but if you keep it simple you should be able to do it yourself.


2. A Veg Patch


Growing your own food is not only a great way of adding an authentic look to your garden, but is also very useful. You won’t need to pay for supermarket carrots ever again! Once you get the home growing bug, you can expand your patch and start growing potatoes too.

3. A Pond


Having a pond in your back garden is a great way of introducing new forms of wildlife to your garden. You can buy some fish, and the frogs and toads will arrive of their own accord. You’ll also be able to add all kinds of new plant life too.


4. A Garden Path


If your lawn is a bit boring and isn’t be used as much as it once was, why not create a slick garden path. You could add a table or bench at the end of the path. It’s so simple but can give a whole new purpose to your garden.


5. A Greenhouse


I’ve always loved the beautiful glass structure of a well stocked greenhouse. There’s nothing more fun than growing strawberries in the greenhouse during the summer. The greenhouse itself will look great in your garden too!


6. A Wooden Gazebo


If your garden is big enough to accommodate one, a gazebo can be a wonderful addition to the space. Whether you buy a ready made one or build it yourself, it’ll provide you with somewhere to eat during the summer or simply relax with friends.


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7. A Weathervane


If you have a shed that needs to be perked up, why not add a 3D copper weathervane? You could even fix it onto your house if you want. There’s something charming and old-fashioned about a weathervane!


8. A Shaped Hedge


We’ve all seen those intricately designed hedges that take all different kinds of shapes and styles. So, why not add one to your garden? Get a professional in to do it for you if you don’t have the skills to do it yourself.


9. A New Lawn


Relaying the lawn can breathe new life into a garden. It’s a relatively small job, but a new, bright green lawn can completely change the appearance of your garden.

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