6 Super Tips For Keeping A Busy House Clean All Week

When you run a busy family household, and you’re trying to juggle your career with family life, it is all too easy to leave the cleaning to the weekend. The trouble is, if you have been working all week, you really want to spend quality time with the kids at the weekend, and get the dog out for a really long walk. Our contemporary busy lives mean it is hard to make sure our homes are squeaky clean all week long. In winter, you may not even get to open the windows until the weekend!


Eventually, you may notice the weekend cleans are getting tougher and tougher. This is often because we don’t have the time to keep on top of it thoroughly anymore. We give you some tips and ideas to help keep your house clean all week long:


  1. Robot vacuum – These little gizmos are great for cleaning up crummies after breakfast. Set it to run as you leave the house, and again overnight. You will need to empty it in between, but that takes much less time to do than vacuuming yourself.
  2. Antibacterial wipes – Keep a packet of these on the table and on a kitchen worktop. Whoever is in there can grab one just to wipe down, keeping the surface clear and clean and hygienic. Make it a habit. Quicker and easier than finding the cloths, gloves and spray bottle.
  3. Steam mop – Most hard floor surfaces can handle one of these, but check first. Simply fill a little tank with water, wait sixty seconds, then push around the floors. Quick and easy, with no scrubbing, spraying or drying required.
  4. Sink cleaner – Even if you have pets and babies, the source of some of the worst whiffs in the house is our sink. If you can leave a window open for a while, pour some sink cleaner down each plug hole once a month to avoid stale water smells overpowering your home. If this isn’t working or you are worried about damaging your plumbing, search for drain cleaning in Lancaster PA or your home town online for a professional clean.
  5. Chore Schedule – Everyone in the family can help out, and it’s not fair it all comes down to you. Put a cleaning task on the chore chart for everyone. Simple tasks like dusting, mopping, vacuuming, putting out the trash, mowing the lawn and putting away the dishes can be done by adults and children. Tiny tots can get involved in sorting laundry or putting their own toys away. Use an egg timer or phone app set for five minutes. Everyone can do their task for that time after dinner. Quick and easy.


  1. Housekeeper – If all else fails, you can look into hiring a housekeeper or cleaner for a couple of hours a week to keep on top of things. You could even ask them to cook the family meal once or twice a week to take the pressure off you too. Try the key midweek points just before things get too much.


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