5 Design Benefits Of New Homes

When it comes to different kinds of property, an opinion shared by many is that older properties are full of character while new homes are more practical rather than pretty. Interior design enthusiasts might be more inclined towards an older property because they deem it to be a better looking canvas on which to add their stylish accents.


In this post, we will be standing in the corner for new properties. We intend to present a number of reasons why such homes can be just as beautiful as more mature properties. And we will highlight some areas where they are actually more design-friendly than their older counterparts. Let’s take a look at some of the design benefits of newer homes.


1. They allow creative freedom


Most new homes are decorated and fitted with neutral colours and fittings. This is done by building companies for practical purposes. A lot of the time, new homes are put into construction before being sold. It would be much harder to shift them on the market if they were too style specific.


Some people may think this makes modern interiors boring and lacking in style. But looking at it in a different way, it provides buyers with a completely blank canvas on which to apply their own style. You can add your own colour scheme and furnishings on top without fear of clashing with existing décor.


With a blank canvas, you also won’t have to spend as much time and money as you might do on an older property to transform the interiors.


2. You can decorate beyond the surface


If you are buying a home before it has been constructed, most companies will allow you to choose various design elements of your property. This can include the floorplan, the type of flooring, paint colours, bathroom suite, kitchen, door handles, etc. So, with a new home your creative control can reach further than just the surface decor.


When you move into an old property, unless you have the funds for a complete overhaul, you will be stuck with certain elements leftover from the previous owner for a while. While this may not always be a bad thing, if given the choice, most people would probably want to have their own choice of fittings in a home that they are about to move in to.


3. New homes adapt to modern living habits and standards


Forward-thinking building companies like Aveling Homes reflect modern living habits in their home designs. For example, today there is more emphasis on open plan living in family homes, where the kitchen and living space has gradually merged into one large social space. Separate dining and kitchen rooms have become far less popular in modern living, and so most new properties will use an open plan format.


More and more of us are also trying to create less of a division between outdoors and indoors. New build homes are reflecting this demand in the use of larger garden spaces and bigger windows and patio doors, and more of them.


Additionally, modern homes tend to feature the latest developments in technology and construction. These features all contribute to making these properties more energy efficient, eco-friendly, safer and secure. These are all design benefits that are hard to overlook.


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4. The interiors are in great condition


When you move into a new home, whether it’s brand new, or it has only had one or two previous residents, the interiors tend to be in excellent condition. Not only does this mean that appliances are more likely to work properly, but it also makes the whole place look cleaner and fresher. With good quality foundations to work with you can concentrate your efforts on putting your style stamp on the interiors, rather than DIY jobs.


On the other hand, older properties tend to come with their quirks, not all of which will be welcome. You may end up spending more of your time and money on patching up problems than on decorating your home and making it look as heavenly as you want it to.


5. Modern homes can have character


You may like the look of an older property, but desire the modern perks of a new build. Well, with a little creativity it is possible to have both. As was mentioned earlier, new homes create a blank canvas for their owners to throw their creativity and individual style on. Many interior designers and homeowners have taken minimalist modern spaces and have transformed them into stunning rooms that are jam packed with character. If you are not convinced have a look at images online, and we assure you that you will feel very inspired.


Indeed, one of the biggest trends in interior design at the moment is the vintage-modern mash-up and rustic-glamour combination. With the use of rich colours, rustic furniture and luxury fabrics there is nothing stopping your from injecting plenty of character into your modern home.


Image: flickr.com


The conclusion


Most older properties are beautiful and can offer certain things that a modern property can’t, like a long history. It’s not difficult to see why many people will only purchase or rent a home that is mature. What may be a bit difficult to understand is why modern properties are not considered as beautiful.


This post has explained some of the design benefits that come with a new home. Being neutral in nature, you have very few limitations on decorating. You could even decorate it to look older if that is what you desire. Additionally, you can have good control over the foundations of the property, and the ability to adapt these factors in line with your individual style. On top of all that, the fittings, being new, are in good condition, and the standards are high. These elements mean that  instead of worrying about maintenance you can put all your time, money and effort into making the interiors perfect for you.


Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this post. See you next time!







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