4 Ways To Achieve Practical And Pretty Interiors As You Get Older

As we get older, moving around the house and performing household tasks becomes a little harder. So that you can maintain your quality of life and independence, it is often necessary to make some alterations to your home. But that doesn’t mean you have to substitute style for safety. Here we will provide some interior design tips on how to achieve a good balance of practical and pretty as you age.


1. Upsize your cleaning tools


Household chores require a lot of physical activity. While it’s important to remain active as you age, you may wish to upsize your tools to make these tasks that little bit easier on the body. Extendable handles on feather dusters, mops and dust pans and brushes will lessen the strain on the back. As well as upsizing it could help you to upgrade too. If you have to work very hard when using your cleaning equipment, a more state of the art version will probably make your life a lot easier.


2. Safe and stylish stairs


If you have stairs in your home, you’ll know how difficult it can be to get up and down them when your joints are stiff. Not only are they hard work, but they can be dangerous too. If you really struggle with your stairs, you may wish to consider getting a stair lift installed. A beautiful cushion will transform this device from functional to fancy.


For those who find their stairs tricky but not impossible, have a look at your banister. Does it support you sufficiently? If not you may wish to get a new one that is more secure and at the right height for you. You can take your pick from classic wooden styles to the more contemporary metallic designs.


3. Reorganise your kitchen


To avoid having to reach up high for essential kitchen items, it is a smart idea to have these things moved down low. In doing so, you may end up with much more free space up high. If so, it’s a nice idea to get your cupboards replaced with shelves and to use these high areas to show off your finest kitchen items like china plates and beautiful glassware.


4. Luxurious bedrooms


As we age, we become more sensitive to the cold, especially during the evening. So, your bedroom should provide you with a warm and comfortable place to sleep at night. Consider upgrading your bed linen and bed spread. Fleece bed linen keeps your bed warm throughout the day. So you can say goodbye to those dreaded cold spots. Bedspreads in faux look very luxurious, feel soft to the touch and help to keep your bed extra cosy.


While your welfare is the most important concern when adapting your home, this post has given you three examples of how safety and style can co-exist. And when you throw a bit of imagination at the issue, we are sure you’ll find many other ways to achieve practical and pretty interiors. Thank you for reading.



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