3 Mind-Blowing Art Pieces For Your Garden

A garden is more than just an outside space. Your garden should be your pride and joy. When planning your garden space, don’t just think about flowers and trees. There is a whole variety of things you can include in your garden that will make the space look fresh and original. Many people leave their gardens. They let the space become an overgrown mess. Doing so may seem like a good idea, especially during the winter months, but you will regret neglecting that space. When the summer comes around again, you will want a space that you and your family can enjoy. That means that you must tend to your garden throughout the year. One way in which you can make your garden special is by including some wonderful art pieces in it. Art is not just for hanging on walls. There are many examples of brilliant art pieces that would suit any garden. Here to give you some inspiration are three mind-blowing art pieces for your garden.


1. Stunning Art Mural


If you have a bare wall in your garden, you may have considered painting it. Many people paint their bare walls in one color to make them look pleasing. Forget painting your walls white. Instead, why not create a stunning art mural on your wall? You don’t have to be an artist to create a beautiful piece like this one. The one above is the handy work of a community art project. Take some inspiration from this piece and try and create a mural for your yard. If you’re not too confident when it comes to handling a paint brush, why not get other people involved? Ask a local community group or children’s club if they’d like to paint your wall or fence as part of a project.


Nelo Hotsuma


2. Sleek Metal Archer


When you think of garden art, you’re likely to imagine a whole array of metal art pieces. This example of a metal art structure is a professional piece, but don’t let that stop you. Here the artist has created a strong metal man using Lincoln electric welding systems. There is also a metal bow and arrow, which is always pointing at the people who pass by the piece. The artist has planted a range of flowers and plants at the foot of the structure. Over the years, these plants have grown to cover the piece, which has given the man a body of flora. Creating a piece like this one takes expert knowledge. You can buy a range of original steel structures online or at your local garden stores. If you want something unique, you should look into commissioning a piece for your garden to a local artist.


Karen Roe


3. Amazing Water Feature


Here is a fabulous example of a water feature. The designer first showcased this piece at the Chelsea Flower Show. No garden is complete without a water feature. Having a fountain or water feature in your garden creates a serene and calm vibe. Many people find looking at water relaxing. That is why so many people opt to have a water piece in their garden. To recreate a piece like this one, you would need a large garden. The water feature is huge, and so would dominate a small garden. If your garden is smaller than average, you might want to consider a mini-feature or a small fountain. People often make the mistake of thinking that water features need plumbing to work. That is not the case. Most water features use the same batch of water all the time. That means that they don’t need water from your main water system.


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